Late Night Rant about Drama

If you scare me, I will scream louder than necessary. I cry easily. I laugh easily. I have emotions and feelings squeezed inside me like an aerosol can. Because of this, I am known as a dramatic person.

If I say something like, “I would love to have a romance without drama,” or “I don’t read Karen Kingsbury books because they are too melodramatic,” the response I will inevitably get is, “but you’re such a dramatic person!”

Maybe it is because I have so many emotions in my life that I shy away from manufacturing them.

Also: Is there anything more annoying than someone ranting to you about their feelings, when it really isn’t that big of a deal, and if they had decided to spend their spare time taking fencing lessons instead of obsessing about the guy there would be no problem whatsoever?

Yes, I guess I am a dramatic person. I still change the radio station whenever one of those “I can’t breathe I’m gonna die because I like you and you don’t like me back” songs comes on. I still refuse to read fat Christian romance novels. There are even times when I ban myself from writing a song or a diary entry about what I’m going though, because I know I will only be helping myself blow it out of proportion.

I’ve begun to use the term “melodramatic” for the manufactured drama that I detest.

That is to say, I am a dramatic person, yet I boycott melodramatic things.

4 responses to “Late Night Rant about Drama

  1. I totally get you, my dear.

    And the thing of it is–the more “wild ocean” life we live the more real lifewide drama we have. Therefore the “manufactured drama” becomes even more petty and laughable.


  2. I am so sick of drama. People make up too much drama in their lives, and I think it’s because they watch too much MTV and read Nicholas Sparks books. I don’t understand the college students around me who have to create so much drama in their lives and in everyone else’s lives!

    I admit, I used to devour the Christian romance novels, partially because there are few Christian novels that aren’t romance ones, and partially because I did enjoy them. However, I realized they were making me wish for something I didn’t have, and didn’t need to have, so I banned myself from them for several months, and it largely broke my dependence. Now, I’ll read one occasionally, but it depends on the author and the book (and, of course, I don’t have time when I’m at college). But I have still never gotten into Karen Kingsbury…I don’t think I’d be able to read that.

    I am also realizing that God has planned out an adventure for me, and He has so many better things in store than the “manufactured” drama! For example, I’m spending this summer in Bulgaria for a missions internship, and I know that will be a better adventure (probably including a little real-life drama) than any novel! 🙂


  3. somehow…I really “get” what your saying 🙂


  4. YES! Exactly how I feel! Especially the part about not wanting to manufacture feelings. Unfortunately, sometimes I feel like I’m too emotional about things that don’t warrant it, and not emotional enough about things that should. AND the part about Karen Kingsbury and sappy love songs. (Ok, pretty much the whole post. 😉

    I don’t think we’ve ever met, but I’ve just discovered your blog and I really like what I’ve read so far. Keep it up!


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