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Late Night Rant about Drama

If you scare me, I will scream louder than necessary. I cry easily. I laugh easily. I have emotions and feelings squeezed inside me like an aerosol can. Because of this, I am known as a dramatic person.

If I say something like, “I would love to have a romance without drama,” or “I don’t read Karen Kingsbury books because they are too melodramatic,” the response I will inevitably get is, “but you’re such a dramatic person!”

Maybe it is because I have so many emotions in my life that I shy away from manufacturing them.

Also: Is there anything more annoying than someone ranting to you about their feelings, when it really isn’t that big of a deal, and if they had decided to spend their spare time taking fencing lessons instead of obsessing about the guy there would be no problem whatsoever?

Yes, I guess I am a dramatic person. I still change the radio station whenever one of those “I can’t breathe I’m gonna die because I like you and you don’t like me back” songs comes on. I still refuse to read fat Christian romance novels. There are even times when I ban myself from writing a song or a diary entry about what I’m going though, because I know I will only be helping myself blow it out of proportion.

I’ve begun to use the term “melodramatic” for the manufactured drama that I detest.

That is to say, I am a dramatic person, yet I boycott melodramatic things.