Hello there! I’m Emily Smucker. This year, I’ve decided to live in a different place every month. The plan is to support myself by freelance writing. Hmm. We’ll see how that goes. But if you want to follow along on my adventures, welcome!

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  1. I love your book! It’s pretty amazing how you go through life and never know that something so scary exists, and then you feel like “Wow!”. Okay, you can ignore that comment. It didn’t really make sense. Well, anyway, thank you for your book. It is a gift to others. And, by the way I think you’re totally awesome. I think that’s all I wanted to say… Other than the fact that I am way younger than you. Which, once again you can ignore, because it doesn’t really apply to what I am trying to say, which is that you rock!


  2. I’m reading your book right now and i love it! i mean I’m only 12 years old and ur 19 but whatever. well anyways ur awesome!


  3. hi Emily
    i finished reading your book. it makes sense other people have too and are leaving you comments about it. anyway it’s ok if you didn’t read this but how would you know it’s ok if you didn’t read this. i looked for you on xanga but your not with them anymore you’re with this new one,( i confuse myself) i looked on your profile and all your interests or watever and found out that we both pretty much enjoy the same things. wierd i know… i liked your book. And if this makes you feel better about your goals reached, i have to write a book report about it… (: i enjoy reading i think everyone should but i don’t like writing about wat i read. (hehe) ok bye


  4. Hello. I am 13 years old and i just finished reading your book. I really loved it. I am doing a book report on it and was wondering if you could answer the questions provided below for me. That would be such a huge help.

    How do you think that you got West Nile Virus?

    Did it effect your life in any way?

    What sort of treatments do/did you get?

    Do the symptoms still happen or bother you now?\
    Thankyou please get back to the questions as soon as possible!! 🙂


    • Hey Brittany! So glad you liked my book!

      I got west nile from a mosquito. At least that’s what we assume, as there really isn’t any other way to get west nile.

      It effected my life tremendously, but you should know that if you read the book.

      I didn’t really get any treatment. There isn’t really any treatment for West Nile.

      Sometimes the symptoms still bother me. I wish they would just all go away already.


      • Hello again. I am so sorry but i forgot to write ten questions for my project my teacher just told me that yesterday and i only have till Friday to complete the project. So here are 7 more questions.
        How long do you think that you had west nile? Longer than you knew about it?
        Do you think that you got it when you were in Africa?
        Can any of your family get it from you?
        Did it affect you getting a college education?
        When you are sick do you look sick to other people?
        Do you stay home all day everyday or do you go out with friends more often than you did in the book?
        Have you ever thought about writing another book about you new expereinces?
        Please respond very soon. 🙂


  5. I emailed the answers to you.


  6. Emily,

    Thank you for writing your amazing book. I believe I met you once at one of Jessica Maxwell’s Red Moon Meetings.

    My favorite passage in your book is “Unmentioned Amazingness.”

    Your best remindier on how we should live, “Because mostly I don’t thnk anymore, I don’t plan. I just exist.”

    I know this was written at a very down time for you and I know you do think and you do plan. But, it really is important to live “in the now.” Your values, commitment, and love have served you well.

    My favorite line, “Graduation was like I ordered a chocolate cake and got something else instead, maybe a pickle.”

    Your fan,



  7. Dear Emily I’ nine years old I love your book! I did it for a book project i love when you had your randomness chapters! I’m going to read Marni and Chelsey:)
    anyway i think you are awesome going through your life! i think you are a great role model! love your blog! 😉 wink 🙂 🙂 see ya! your fan



  8. Yo Emily! I feel honored that I’m one of your friends 🙂 And on facebook too! HA! You’re a really good writer, and I enjoy reading what you have to write. OH, and acting? I love acting! I hope you go to Bridgewater next year, that would be amazing! Can’t wait to hang out with you and Keith!


  9. Cella... I have it too!

    Hi! My name is Cella. I read your book Emily, and I thought it was really cool to have someone to relate to. You see, two years ago, when I was 11, I too got West Nile. I couldn’t concentrate, breathe, and got killer migrains, to name a few symptoms. I am now 13, but still sometimes get the symptoms. I am a swimmer, and I can’t always breathe. In school, I blank out. At home, I need meds to stop my headaches. And yet, I am still soooooo lucky. Ya know? I try and think of all the good things from this. And how, like you said, God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. Like you,I am very close to God. and of, btw…. I am allergic to caffeine too!!! Kills my neck and legs (as does West Nile) and makes me very sore. It is okay, though… I got used to it! Thank you so much for giving us this book. Everyone. And thank you for making me feel like I am not the only one! please respond if possible! and btw…. I love writing, and share lots of interests with you too!


  10. Alison Crehore

    I love your book! It is sitting right next to me, right now. I feel as if you are one of a kind… very unique. (Well obviously considering God created us uniquely) I love how even though you said that you don’t really write about some of the most amazing people, I feel as if everything you do, you do it in the name of the Lord. To me, it’s implied how you are so Christian, so faithful. I look up to you. At one point, I feel sorry for you, but then I look back and delete that feeling from my head, because from what I can tell, even though you feel as if it’s not fair, you always go to God and pour your heart out. Then whaddya know? Your happy again 🙂 Because you believe in God, you gave him your worries and he took them. I am 12 years old but I still want to be like you and be faithful to God, be able to go on cool trips like you do. I want to either be a missionary when I grow up, or a teacher, or a writer. I love writing too! Another weird thing, is that in your book you said that when you are sitting behind the driver in a car at night, you do this game thing with the headlights of the cars coming the other way… It’s really hard to explain for me, but I do the same thing!!! I don’t know why but it’s fun to me 🙂 Okay, that’s all I really have to say, Oh! Well actually, do you still live in Virginia? Because I do! I live in Amherst, Virginia. My name is Alison Rose Crehore, I have a facebook under that name. I am the only Alison Crehore in the world! (Besides my mother 😉 Hahaha okay, I will go now 🙂


  11. Dear Emily, my name is Emily too but i just spell my name differnt but i am reading ur book for my skool project and i love ur book its really good.. i was wondering if i could ask you some questions for my skoool project ( if ur up for it) i wish i could of contacted you a couple of weeks of ago… but i was too busy but any wayy.. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP at emilieembrescia@yahoo.com

    Thanks, Emilie!


  12. Emily,
    I just finished your book and it was great. I too have a chronic illness (but it’s not West Nile). Before I read this, I had heard of the West Nile Virus, but after reading your book, I understand better what it is like. I hope that you have many good days where you are feeling well, and few bad ones. Also, did you ever get to go back to Kenya? I hope you did.


  13. Hi Emily! I got the collection (Chelsey, Marni, & Emily) one day last year, and your story was my favorite. I can’t say that I have had much experience with such a difficult illness, but I understand what it meant for you. I was extremely excited to find that you had a blog, and I added it to the list of the blogs I read daily. Your writing is really interesting and you put things into a humorous perspective. You have definitely inspired me as a writer (especially blogging!) and I am sure lots of others too!


  14. Hi Emily!
    Like everyone else sending you something, I just finished reading your book and it’s amazing. Reading your book made me realize that you can live life with an illness, even though it may bring you down sometimes. I’m 18, and I’ve had chronic pain and such since I was 15. I have Fibromyalgia, and I’ve been struggling to accept it, since I just got diagonosed at age 18. Reading your book made me feel so much better because it reminded me that with the right people around, and the right attitude, you can get through a lot. Also, I feel your pain about taking a lot of pills, they are awful. I just wanted to let you know that your story has really helped me through a lot of the stuff I was going through, because it seems we have a lot in common. Like the tiredness and just being sick in general. I hope you write me back but I really wanted to tell you how much your story affected me.


  15. Emily can I have your email? I’d love to email you and share my experience with you about being sick and how your book was a blessing.


  16. Emily, I know you love fashion, and I wondered if you have read about Miss Elaini, a fellow Oregonian, yet? Here’s the link: http://misselainious.com/ She’s wearing the same dress for 100 days in order to raise money for orphans in India, and she’s on day 89 right now. I think you’d love checking out some of what she’s done with a simple black dress (the LBD) throughout the past three months. She also continues to struggle with some chronic health issues, and I thought of you when I read parts of her blog recently. Check it out if you get a chance!


  17. hi im reading your book for my english project and its really good so far. but for my project i need basic information like were u went to school of you were or are married and family members i was hoping you could email me please jecamy99@yahoo.com


  18. Hi Emily, my sister Melody(who you met recently) told me a little about you and your book! I looked you book up on amazon and I can’t wait to read it! I have have Fibromyalgia and some other health problems. I feel like I could realy relate to you story. You realy inspire me and I haven’t even read your book yet! Keep writing! I can’t wait to read more! If you want to you a can check out my blog at dyslexicchic.com – Annie


  19. Hi Emily, I nominated you for the libster award for more information you can go to my blog at dyslexicchic.com!


  20. Just read your book.It was at times like looking into my pat life. I was very sick as a teenager and young adult. At times I thought it was in my head. I would lay really still and think ‘maybe Im not really sick. Maybe its in my head”. Then I would will myself up, and nope! I was still really sick and it was real! Even tho the drs coulnd not find the cause. It was heart breaking! I wasnt diagnosed until I was in my 30s!Lupus! I have Lupus but was never tested for it until my hair started falling out. I can honestly say becoming bald was a blessing for me! After treatment, I DID get better (some days are still a bit rough, but as a mom of 5 I push thru and manage to smile thru the pain) Hang in there. Stay strong and walk close to Him. It’s the only way (=


    • Emily Smucker

      I’m so glad you liked my book, but I’m sorry for all the pain you’ve had to go through. Still, what a blessing that you were able to get diagnosed and began to heal! Hopefully it will all be uphill from here 🙂


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