Cellular Phone Thursday

A few cellular phone snaps of my life.

There was a beautiful sunset today, so Jenny went on the roof and danced the hula.

I love my sister.

When I see a hole in fabric I have an intense desire to rip the hole as big as possible. I don’t know why.

I think my mother may have been playing with my phone. I do not recall taking this picture. But it made me laugh.

Monday I watched chicks hatch for the first time in my life. So amazing!

Also on Monday, I began to teach my writing class about poetry. I asked them to write a free verse poem, and one young man decided to write about my cell phone:

the black verizon
scratches on screen

It made me laugh, though one kid pointed out that it is not a verizon, it is a samsung. Also, it is purple. But I still thought the poem was cute.

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