Sisters and also, like, Fashion

Fashion bloggers always upload pictures of themselves wearing whatever they wore that day.

Then they talk about it.

You know, what inspired it, where they got the clothes, how much the clothes cost, etc .

This is what I wore to work today.

Aka, to help my dad teach school.

Aka, to answer flags and score tests and drink tea. It was a lovely day.

On the way home I had an idea. I could get Jenny to take pictures of me, and I could post them on my blog like I was a real fashion blogger.

THEN I got another brilliant idea. We could go down by the river to take pictures. And we could have tea. And play tag. And stuff.

Yes, this is what Oregon looks like in the winter when it is not raining. Be envious.

There was one problem with the outing that Jenny and I planned: We couldn’t find Mom’s camera to use. So instead we asked Amy to join us.

You won’t see her in any of the pictures. She took them all.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

I am in love with this picture of Jenny. So beautiful.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot.

I am wearing….

A black denim skirt I got at goodwill or something years and years ago when mom still bought my clothes. It is long and had arabic writing on the tag so I’m pretty sure it came from some Arab land and that is why it is so long and modest.

Both my pink t-shirt and pink scarf came from Amy. I did not borrow them, she gave them to me. I am not sure why she decided to give up the t-shirt. But she gave me the scarf because once she tried to wear it and it was so big and clunky and awkward looking that Jenny and I laughed at her.

I thought it might be weird to wear a scarf and a shirt that almost-but-not-totally matched but then I remembered that the Arab fashionistas do that all the time. So I guess I have a very Arab inspired outfit.There you can see my socks which sort-of but don’t really match too. And my shoes. I borrowed them from Jenny since I couldn’t find any of my shoes and I was tired of borrowing from Amy all the time.

Jenny said, “actually those are Amy’s shoes. I borrowed them from here.”

It is nice to have the same shoe size as your sisters. Although those shoes are actually pretty ugly. I am not a big fan of brown or tan things.

The only part of that outfit that I actually spent any money on is the sweater.

It cost $1.50. I got it at a cute little thrift store in downtown Harrisonburg on the day that sweaters were half off.

Don’t you think it adds a nice touch? Retro, fifty’s thing, and also modern and trendy because horizontal black and white stripes are so in right now.

This is how I am: I love fashion, and I study fashion, and thus I notice Arab style and what is trendy right now and what adds a 50’s vibe.


I still get dressed in the morning by just throwing something on.


Why on earth would you waste time choosing something to wear when you could just throw something on and have extra time to spend with your sisters?

11 responses to “Sisters and also, like, Fashion

  1. you have a beautiful sister! And love the sweater. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Lovely outfit! Lovely sister time!


  3. LOVE the outfit and the pictures and having fun with sisters ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. You should do a fashion blog again!Cool!


  5. You are a lovely young lady, and I like your modest and cheery outfit! Your sister is lovely too. (I almost said she was cute as well–she is, but maybe she is old enough she might not want to be thought of as cute?!) God bless you for being willing to be godly and modest.


  6. That pic of Jenny IS fab. Amy did a good job!
    also – love your style!


  7. Very fashionable post. i do like tan and brown but not those shoes.


  8. I’m not mennonite, I’m baptist, but I was curious, do you always wear skirts? Is it a rule? I hope I don’t sound like a clod, but I just sort of noticed a trend. Also, your sister is wearing a similarly below-knee-length skirt. And if you do, doesn’t it get sort of, uncomfortable?


    • Emily Smucker

      Yes, I always wear skirts. Yes, it is a rule. No, you don’t sound like a clod :). Good deductive reasoning skills.

      It doesn’t get uncomfortable, though. Except when you are wearing a skirt that is just below the knee and you are trying to sit on bleachers without letting anyone see up your skirt. That is somewhat uncomfortable.

      Also, trying to run in a very long somewhat tight skirt. That is uncomfortable.

      Other than that, wearing a skirt is not uncomfortable. At least, I don’t think it is. Some people struggle with it more than I do, I guess.


  9. I’m getting shades of Olive Oyl here…


  10. Your sister is so beautiful!! I LOVE red hair!


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