What San Francisco looks like…in my head


I am just going to go all lazy and post pictures that I stole from other blogs. Specifically, pictures having to do with San Francisco. Why? Because my cousin Hillary now lives in San Francisco.

I will tell you about Hillary: She writes amazing letters and hitchhikes and gets into lots of scrapes while doing things that my parents would never let me do if they could help it. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area, and she talks about it, how lovely and artsy it is, and it makes me envious.

Sort of.

I talked to her on Saturday and she was telling me about working in an Organic Ice Cream shop and interesting people who talk about their dreams all the time. I said that San Francisco was not so far from my home, perhaps some time I could visit.


Isn’t that just beautiful and artsy and did you SEE that yellow twin bell alarm clock? I’ll bet that all the people in San Francisco have twin bell alarm clocks because people in San Francisco just understand things like twin bell alarm clocks.

And the people who get engaged take engagement pictures that are reflected in mud puddles.

They hold umbrellas. Didn’t you see the first picture I posted on this post? Lovely.


Men in San Francisco were artistic blue hats and walk around looking at graffiti. Or making it, maybe.

My cousin Hillary lives in a tree house. Did you hear that? She lives in a tree house and her friends painted it all over with cool murals. They are going to make it into a tree castle.

I will tell you the truth: I want to see a tree castle. So I said, “Hillary, can I visit you sometime?”

She said to me, “Emily, if your parents could see where I live I don’t think they would want you to come.”


Beautiful, strange world.

Hillary said, “here, people do drugs and are very promiscuous.” She said a lot of things. She also said, “No one calls me Hillary anymore. They call me Bird.”


If I can’t live in a tree house, maybe I will live in a little tent, like the one on the top left.




I guess that’s what it really looks like.

The city of San Francisco. Beautiful and artsy and sinful but in my head it’s not sinful, just beautiful and artsy.

Maybe someday I’ll go, just to look around for a while and watch people in blue hats and umbrellas look into mud puddles.

(All pictures found on blogs of people who live in or have been in San Francisco. Name of blog under picture.)

2 responses to “What San Francisco looks like…in my head

  1. and tiny crowded winding streets, and trolleys, and the bridge rising out of the morning mist, and sun, and keep a close eye on your wallet or purse…


  2. and people of many nations who have settled and are sharing their culture through business’ in the city, or as those who live in the area say, “The City”

    and added to what simone says, bring lots of $$ it costs to cross the bridge(s) to get in, but usually not to get out!
    grew up close and visited often-me


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