Leap Day: What I Wish it Was

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Sometimes at night I lie in bed and imagine what would happen if I had more time. What if a magical fairy came to me and allowed me to step outside of time for a while? What if I could go work on some sewing projects, answer some emails, read a good book, and catch up on sleep, and when I was done, no time at all would have passed in the “real world?” Wouldn’t that be amazing?

It occurred to me yesterday that while we’ve manipulated the system to give us one extra day every four years, we do absolutely nothing remarkable with that extra day. I mean, unless you’re a woman who decided to propose to her man. But I’ve never heard of that actually happening. (If you’ve done it, though, I’d love to know!)

Here’s what I think we should do with Leap Day:

I think it should be extra time. Extra time to do whatever projects you’ve been wanting to get done. I think everyone should get that day off, unless you’re a firefighter, ER nurse, nursing home caregiver, or some other such someone’s-life-depends-on-this worker.

In fact, if we can wedge an extra day into the year, why can’t we sandwich an extra day into the week? I don’t think February 29 should be on a Saturday. I think it should get its own special week day. It should go Friday February 28, Leap Day February 29, Saturday March 1. The calendar can squish two dates into one square like they sometimes do when they only have five rows of weeks but the month stretches into parts of six weeks.

And then, we should spend Leap Day doing all the things we wish we could do if we had more time. I mean, we couldn’t catch up on grocery shopping or anything, because the stores would be closed. But we could mow the lawn, paint the kitchen ceiling, start writing the book that burns within us, sew a gown, and catch up on sleep.

What do you think? Should we petition the government to make this a thing? LOL. But seriously, what would you do if you had a truly extra day?

(P.S. I considered writing my thoughts on women asking men out, but I decided to save that for 2024, haha.)

7 responses to “Leap Day: What I Wish it Was

  1. I would go on a long drive on back roads with no set destination in view, with my favorite music playing – it hardly ever seem right for such an extravagant waste of time! And I’d stop in at a plant store and buy a house plant, just because. And maybe I’d stop and get a special drink at Dunkin Donuts to celebrate the day. Then I’d read a favorite book that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the List, and perhaps take a nap or go to bed early. And all of this guilt free – because it’s been an Extra Day!! (I did some of these things today 😉 Please don’t wait until 2024 to write your thoughts on women asking men out – ha!


  2. I couldn’t agree more that everyone should have the extra day. Maybe if you are a someone’s-life-depends-on-you, you could have the day before or the day after as your extra day. I wish I had thought to plan only free-day activities, but I think i used my day pretty close to what I would have listed (mostly because it’s Saturday). Let’s start a movement now so it’s in place by 2024!

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  3. EVERY day is truly an extra day! Selah.

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  4. Caitlyn O'Brien

    Oh, that would be absolutely lovely! Everyone who agrees should sign a petition and take it to the President, or whoever handles that kind of stuff!


  5. Oh my! This sounds like someone after my own heart. I agree 150% and should petition. Yes, please!

    And do we really need to wait to hear your thoughts till 2024? How about if you go ahead and spark some discussion? Is it totally bizarre to ask a guy if you two could go out for coffee? (Not just on leap day☺️) Sometimes I think we’ve been taught that you TOTALLY hide your feelings. How realistic is that? Discussion please and thank you!☺️

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