15 of my Favorite Feelings


Today, in honor of a youtube video I watched once and quite liked, I decided to write down 15 of my favorite feelings.

  1. That feeling when, in the middle of some stressful or generally unpleasant situation, I get a cup of tea and a little space of time where I don’t have to make any decisions.
  2. The feeling of someone gently French braiding my hair
  3. Splashing around barefoot in a summer rain. (Unfortunately, as an Oregonian, I almost never get to experience this wonderful feeling)
  4. When I’m working on a project and suddenly get this uncanny tunnel vision, where I’m so absorbed in the project that I have no concept of time passing.
  5. Public speaking. Oh my goodness. There is nothing like just getting to stand there and SAY the things I think, all at once, in a logical progression, and having everyone just sit there and listen. Amazing.
  6. Being in places or situations that are so bizarre and uncanny that it feels almost like a dream. Such as exploring a huge mostly abandoned mall in Thailand, or having a traffic jam in front of our quiet country home.
  7. Swimming in warm lakes.
  8. Hanging out with a group where it’s easy to just belong, swapping interesting ideas like they’re friendship bracelets.
  9. This is one of the weirder ones, but I have really vivid dreams, and every once in a while I’ll have a musical dream. They are fantastic. Lyrics just occur to me, and everyone around me dances with perfect choreography, and I have a good singing voice, and music magically plays in the background. It’s awesome.
  10. When I pick up a book that I know nothing about besides the title and cover picture, thus having zero expectations, and it ends up being 110% fantastic.
  11. Getting snail mail.
  12. Acting in a skit or a play and hearing the audience laugh.
  13. When I secretly admire someone, and then they pay attention to me.
  14. Sipping McDonald’s iced tea while on a sunny road trip.
  15. Seeing places or things in real life that I’ve only ever read about in books.

I’ve been thinking about #4 recently, and I’ll likely explore it more in a blog post later this week. But in the mean time, please tell me: what are some of your favorite feelings?

6 responses to “15 of my Favorite Feelings

  1. Some of my favorite feelings are:
    ~the rose petal softness of a newborn’s cheek
    ~facing a prairie wind
    ~getting soaked in a gentle rain on a long bicycle ride
    ~the complete satisfaction of observing people of diverse backgrounds
    warmly interact at a reunion
    ~receiving delighted comments about the hats I wear–a recent one in a
    restaurant, “Your hat makes me happy!”

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  2. Number five leaves me agog. You mean people actually LIKE this?? The rest of them sound great though. I was actually in an abandoned mall just last week, and it was the eeriest thing I’ve experienced in a while, I’m not even sure why. It definitely feels like a dream.

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  3. Someone else who loves summer rain! And wow, yes yes yes to #9! Absolutely loved this post! I think I’m going to steal your idea and post some of mine on my blog 😏


  4. The plash of rain on my hot skin as I step on searing hot pavement smelling of tar.


  5. My very favorite feeling is looking out through a pair of absolutely spotless glasses. My second fav. feeling is coming in after playing in the snow, and take a hot shower, put on fuzzy pajamas, wrap in a warm blanket, and drink hot chocolate.

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