The Month of Posting (MOP)

For the month of April, a few of the Smucker ladies are embarking on a blogging project. Nothing too fancy, but I plan to post every other week day, with Mom and Jenny filling in on the other week days.

Today Mom said, “so, like, are you going to write a post introducing the blogging thing we’re doing?”

“Yes,” I said, “but I just haven’t been able to think of a cute-ish name for the project.”

So we brainstormed. Turns out that you can make cute punny names with words like “March” and “May,” but not so much with “April.”

We came up with plenty of perfectly ridiculous ideas before settling on “Month of Posting,” which acronyms to “MOP.” Now I feel annoyed that I didn’t write down any of the really bad ideas to show you just how ingenious “MOP” is by comparison.

Hopefully it conjures up images of nice things like clean floors and good honest labor, and not, like, murky lukewarm water and strands of hair that always reappear even when you think they’re neatly mopped up.


Enjoy the Month of Posting. The first official post will appear tomorrow, written by me.

6 responses to “The Month of Posting (MOP)

  1. Just so you don’t get confused the “Mom of Pre-Schoolers” aka MOPS. 🙂


  2. At last my habit of jotting everything down is useful. [rummages under the stapler and the letter for Grandpa and a news article]–ok…
    APP: April Posting Project
    [cuter]: APPLE: April Posting Project . . . Like???. . .Everything???
    AWED: April Writing Every Day
    SPEED: Smuckers Posting Early Every Day
    AWESOME: April Writing _?_ Smuckers __?__ __?__ __?__
    BAP: Blog April Project
    APEX: April Posting Every ??Xylophone??
    APRON: April Posting Right On ???????
    Then APRON led very naturally to the less contrived but similarly-imaged MOP.


  3. APEX: April Posting EXtravaganza


  4. Or April Fool’s?


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