The Month of Posting, 2016

Last April, as you may recall, I participated in something I called the Month of Posting, or MOP, for short. Basically, it went like this: I would post every other week day in the month of April, and Mom and Jenny would alternate posting on the days I didn’t post.

In essence, April was filled with many Smucker ladies writing many blog posts. And we decided to do it again this year.

Of course last year everyone thought it was an April Fools prank but it wasn’t. It isn’t this year either, but you can think it is if you like. I guess you won’t REALLY know until Monday morning.

Food for thought: If it is morally okay to lie on April 1 because it is culturally accepted, is it morally okay to lie all the time in a culture where lying all the time is culturally accepted?


2 responses to “The Month of Posting, 2016

  1. Is it morally okay to lie on April 1st? Practical jokes, though not a fan, don’t bother me. Telling blatant lies, however, does.


  2. My dad never approved of April fool’s day jokes. Its lying and you are basically calling the person a fool- neither cases acceptable. Guess he taught me well cause to this day, I never get involved. 😉


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