MOP April 1: Meeting the Princess

Although last year I pulled off one of my best April Fools Day pranks ever, this year was kind of a dud in that department. My physics professor told us that Hillary Clinton was breaking up with Bill. That’s about as exciting as things got.

Honestly, I didn’t have time to think up a great prank, because I was desperately trying to spend as much time as possible with my Aunt Rebecca. She stopped in for a couple days, at the last minute, full of the most dramatic and interesting stories I’ve ever heard first-hand.


Me: Oh Mom, can I use your camera to take pictures for my blog today?

Mom: Okay.

Me: Can you guys like, pose with your tea or something?

They posed with their tea.

Mom: Oh, make sure the tea pot is in the picture!

(The cute tea pot was a gift from Aunt Rebecca.)

We spent the afternoon sipping tea and making broccoli salad and eating supper, and then in the evening we went to Jefferson Baptist Church to see their production of Beauty and the Beast.


Yes, the evenings are sunny. This winter I would leave for school in the dark, and by the time I came home it was dark again, and I find myself marveling at the sunny mornings and evenings, appreciating daylight like I never quite did in the past.

Me: Let’s take a selfie.

Jenny: Okay!!

Me: But I’m going to make my facial expression exactly like I feel right now, so it might be kinda weird.

(I was quite tired and zoned out.)

Jenny: Okay.

(And then she put her feelings into her facial expression too.)


The play was brilliant. Just lovely. Afterword a pack of little girls took turns getting their picture taken with Belle.


Some littler than others.

When I got home and sorted out the pictures, Jenny said, “so did you get any good ones?”

“I don’t know how to tell if it was a good picture or a bad picture,” I said. But when I looked closer, I’m pretty sure I did take a bad picture today.


Blurry = bad, right? Can a cute face make up for that?

You may be thinking, “Wow, she really IS a bad photographer. Who would pose their models by a stove, of all things? Find a mural or a chain-link fence.”


There is a method to my madness. Our last stove broke while Sarah Beth was cleaning it, so of course we tease her about it, and today we showed her our much lovelier new white stove, and I just HAD to photograph them together. For the blog.

Which turned out blurry. But I mean, you can still see the girl, and the stove, so whatever.

That’s all for today. Since I am a typically late poster, I’m afraid east-coast readers might get these a day after they’re supposed to go up. If that bothers you terribly you may rectify the problem by moving to Hawaii.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Jenny’s post over at Dreaming of Dragonflies!

One response to “MOP April 1: Meeting the Princess

  1. You make me smile, Emily! Happy you were able to have time with Rebecca.


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