Convention Update #3

Group Bible Speaking has a command performance tonight!!! I am so proud!!

Poor Alicia fell down while running the 200m this morning. At first I thought she had just slipped, but no, her legs just gave out. Poor thing. She sliced up her knee, so I’m not sure how she is going to fall down and bow to the idol in Group Bible Speaking this evening.

I am thinking of writing a blog post on how to get free things. I am getting better and better at this, especially when it comes to tea. I get free tea all the time. This is how:

1. I carry tea bags in all my pockets and purses.

2. I try to carry a mug around.

3. If I see a room that looks like it might have a microwave in it, I try the handle to see if it is locked.

Last year at convention I went tea-less because I couldn’t find hot water. This year I have found four hot-water stations to date, three of which include cups and sugar, and two of which have tea bags.

Mrs. Klone and I were discussing how thrifty we are during one of my trips to Grand Central for tea. It started when I saw a bucket of flowers on her desk, and asked if Mr. Klone had given them to her. She told me that Mr. Klone used to buy her flowers, but she didn’t really like it, because she’d rather save that money. Apparently there was a funeral in the Grand Central room right before convention started, and she rescued the leftover flowers which were going to get thrown away.

Then she told me a story about a man at her church, who used to gather flowers for his girlfriend from the graveyard he walked through on his way to her house.

Apparently he figured that the dead people wouldn’t know the difference, so why not?


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