Convention Update #2

Yesterday, we discovered that Steven had come to convention with only one dress shoe.


I texted Mom and said, “If you find a ride for Steven’s shoe, please send up my swimsuit.” Because there is a swimming pool here at our hotel.

Today, after hours and hours of judging platform events, we finally got off and I went to supper. On the way I ran into a whole gaggle of Brownsville boys.

“Emily!” they said, wide eyed and horrified.


“We saw your bathing suit!”

Hmm. Really? Later, I tried to track it down. I asked Dad if he had seen it.

“There was something flying around in the van, and the boys were giggling,” said Dad. “But when I asked what it was, they handed me a bag with some shoes in it.”

“I don’t get it,” I said. “Why is a swimsuit so funny?”

“Well, you know boys. Things are funny. Like farts.”

I didn’t exactly see how a swimsuit was like farting, but whatever. Dad found my swimsuit, on the floor of the van, and everything was fine.

Let me see. Shanea got second in ping pong, but was beat by Melinda, who is the famous ping-pong nemesis. Maybe next year Shanea will finally best her.

Maybe I shouldn’t call Melinda a nemesis. She is the sweetest nicest little lady. But she is a beast at ping-pong, and she always just beats the Brownsville girls. Humph.

If you think chilvery is dead, you should go to an ACE convention. I am just saying, you pretty much never have to open a door for yourself. People carry your dishes, say “yes ma’am” when you ask them a question, and wear ties all the time. Except, of course, the Mennonite boys don’t wear ties.

“Why arent you wearing ties?” One boy asked us.

“We’re Mennonite,” said Shane.

“Oh.” The boy paused, then said, “I still don’t get it.”

There was a very awkward silance. The boys stumbled around, not sure what to say. Finally a girl who was with the questioning boy said, “I think it’s against their religion.”

Well, I need to get my young ladies to bed. Till next time!

2 responses to “Convention Update #2

  1. Ah, you make me nostalgic for the good old convention days… 🙂 Wouldn’t be convention without somebody playing Malinda in ping pong. 🙂 She’s been around since the very first year we went.


  2. Haha I love your funny posts.:)


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