Convention Update #1

I finally found my internet! Yay!

Right now I’m a sponsor at the ACE Regional Student Convention. Actually, RIGHT NOW I am a judge for platform events. What a busy crazy life.

The student did AMAZING on their singing of “Prepare Ye” last night. Wow. I got shivers. Will they win? I don’t know, but they COULD win.

 Spencer made this amazing trunk for woodworking. Looking at it made me think, “no one else would even need to bother.” When I mentioned something of the sort, trying to be funny, the other kids with woodworking projects got annoyed at me.


I should realize some time that I’m not all that funny, especially when I am spouting things to try to break the awkwardness of being the one in charge.

It just makes things more awkward.

Students are also cleaning it up in pace bowl, so we’ll see if that trend continues. As usual, even though Steven in the best checkers player in the school he got out as soon as he played a girl. Ha. Kendall is still in the running, and Alicia and Shanea are dominating in ping pong.

Till later!

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