Take Your Sister to College Day

Jenny, in the courtyard cafe, laughing.

I took Jenny to college with me today. I picked her up from school at noon, because she had gotten done with her work early. Then we rushed to school, rushed to the library to get her a book to read during my class, rushed past the courtyard cafe, rushed into the courtyard cafe so I could introduce her to my director, rushed back out of the courtyard cafe, and rushed into chemistry class just as the last bell rang.

(I’m just kidding. College is much too  and sophisticated to use bells.)

Chemistry was okay. I understood some of it and Jenny understood virtually none of it but the teacher came up and introduced herself to Jenny so that was nice.

After Chemistry and Technical Writing Jenny and I had tea in the courtyard cafe, and then I took her around and showed her all the sights of LBCC. You know, the picnic table with the periodic table of the elements printed on it, the fountain, the bamboo growing by the greenhouse…

Oh, and the mini amphitheater in the courtyard. Which really does amplify your voice strangely, so that when you stand and speak it feels like you’re speaking into a mic even though you’re not. I’m not sure how that works.

Jenny performing in the mini amphitheater.

We also spent some time looking through this big window into someone’s office. The man inside was partially bald, completely absorbed in grading online assignments. Jenny and I examined him and his bulletin board and tried to come up with conclusions about what kind of person he was based on what we saw.

Jenny beside the window where we spied on the man.

Lastly, we went to the theater and watched the rehearsal for a while. The ghost puppet costume things are getting done, yay! They look awesome, and creepy, which are two words  I never thought I’d use to describe the same thing, but whatever.

It’s kind of cool, because every time I go to rehearsal it seems like some new and awesome piece of the set is finished.

I didn’t actually have to go to rehearsal today, I just showed up to show Jenny what it’s like. She had a stomach ache so we went home before too long.

I don’t know why I never thought to take Jenny to college with me earlier. It was fun. I like having her around.

3 responses to “Take Your Sister to College Day

  1. I wonder if the guy who was “completely absorbed” in his computer was actually watching your reflection in the screen.


  2. I have an urge to stop at LBCC and buy something at the courtyard cafe the next time I’m in Oregon. I have fond memories of that place and its food.


  3. Yeah! They had a lot of soup.


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