Theater People

I am always amazed when I read the blog of my friend Adam, who grew up in America with his mom but ended up moving to Yemen, where his Dad’s family lives. Besides having fascinating cultural insight, I really like the whole “begin each post with one picture” idea.

Hence, I’m beginning this post with one picture.

I snapped the pic with my cell phone at rehearsal last night. Or rather, before rehearsal.When I took it Emma said, “hey! did you take a picture? You just stole my soul!”

(She was joking, just for the record. At least I think she was.)

Taylor was on his computer, as usual. Emma was looking over his shoulder, and Alex was behind him eating pumpkin seeds which he roasted himself. “Eat some, Emily,” he said. “They’re good!”

I tried one. It wasn’t good (sorry Alex). It tasted like eating a sunflower seed without taking off the shell first.

However, by the time we took our five minute break I was so hungry and rumbly in my tumbley that I was ready to hunt Alex down and beg him on my knees for some pumpkin seeds. Alas, before I could find Alex, I saw Emma get a protein bar from her bag.

“Hi Emma,” I said. “Have I ever told you how nice of a person you are?”

She looked confused for a moment, then said, “oh, do you want one?”

I wanted one. She gave me one. It was yummy. It was also a vegan protein bar, because Emma is vegan, which I find fascinating for some reason.

On Sunday Mom put chicken in the big crock pot and rice in the little crock pot, and then told me to put six cups of water in the crock pot. Thus, I added water to the chicken instead of the rice.

When mom found this out, she told me to take some of the water (now broth) from the chicken and put it in the rice. We then had rice with chicken broth in it.

That night I dreamed that I gave Emma some of my rice, and then remembered that she was vegan, and she was so angry with me. That was also funny because I can’t really even imagine Emma being angry over anything, but I guess she might be if you tricked her into eating animal products.

I know the picture is very very blurry but I snapped it with my cell phone. Please forgive me.

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  1. do these people know that their faces and names are on your blog?


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