Colds and Christmas Stories

I have a cold. I went to church and met people with colds. I read blogs, and those people had colds. Even the comic strip characters had colds.

Or hayfever. Same diff. Sort of not.

I wallpapered my room yesterday with much help from my mother. I still haven’t gotten my epic christmas story done. It is forming in my mind.

One of the best Christmas stories I ever read was on The Beachy Complex website when it was still running. I think it was a true story.

The story began in a Sunday morning church service, when there was a bunch of mistletoe hanging above the pulpit, and everyone felt kind of awkward about it and no one knew who had put it there.

Then the story told about this couple who came with the youth Christmas caroling. I think the guy had been a member of the church, but he left, and was dating this non-menno girl. Rumor had it that they would kiss each other.

Then, in the last part of the story, the guy who was narrating the story went to church and saw pages scattered everywhere. They were pages of a Bible. He picked them up, and saw verses about people kissing. You know, like, “Then Isaac kissed Rebecca…”

Blast, I wish I could remember the story better. It was one of those stories that doesn’t really have a blatant point but made you feel all shivery and thoughtful. I remember it was a little rambling, could have used some editing. Does anyone have any idea where I could get my hands on that story? I have a huge itch to read it again.

Maybe I will start a collection of epic Christmas stories.

I said yesterday or the day before that I would like to write an epic Christmas story and wallpaper my room. Remember? Maybe not. Anyway, the wallpapering of my room went okay, all things considering.

There is something beautiful about the texture of wallpaper, and the extra oomph it gives to a room. Also, it completely went out of style and now people who are very cutting edge are starting to get into it again.

Hee hee. Yeah that’s me, cutting edge. I totally wore mis-matched socks before ANYONE else. ha.

I came across the pretty green wallpaper when I was in Virginia. I went to the thrift store and they had shopping carts full of rolls of wallpaper for a dollar each. I found a roll of pretty green paper which I thought I would use for craft projects.

I covered a big box with it and used it for a laundry hamper. That was over a year ago.

When I moved to Oregon I decided to use the wallpaper to cover one of my bedroom walls. I thought one roll would be enough, and it might have been, barely, if I hadn’t used some earlier to cover that box.

Well anyway, in the end Mom and I were peeling old wallpaper from the box, cutting and pasting the salvageable parts in order to get my wall covered.

I was fully expecting to go tell people that the way to wallpaper without breaking the bank is to pick up a leftover roll at a thrift store and only do one wall. Now that I’ve done it, I would advise you to only attempt that if you can find two rolls. My wall was very small, and I barely had enough.

Oh blast. You want a picture now, don’t you? Well I don’t have a picture. So there.


Now that that’s done I think I will write an article and re-design a green dress. Also, write an epic Christmas story. I really really want to write an epic Christmas story.

One response to “Colds and Christmas Stories

  1. I want. that. story.
    Emily, to herself: “Of course she wants it. It’s about kissing.”

    You should write me a Christmas story about kissing!!!!!


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