Imagenary Lives

I like to dream up imaginary life snippets.

Like, here’s one. What if I lived in a warm country in a house with tiled floors and every morning I was served tea and melons for breakfast, which I would eat outside while reading the newspaper.

Some are less detailed than that.

What if I rode around town on a turquoise bicycle with a multicolored net bag slung over my shoulder.

What if I lived in a tree house. (oh wait, who hasn’t had that imaginary life?)

Unfortunately all my imaginary lives include something I don’t have, like a turquoise bicycle or an unlimited supply of melons.

Today I want vintage purses and a phone with internet access. I can just see myself, trotting around town or campus with my stiff vintage purse. I see a cool hat. “Hello,” I say, approaching the person who wears the hat. “may I take a picture of your hat?”
“Yes,” they say.
So I pull my internet phone out of my vintage bag, snap a picture, and immediately blog it.

That is my imaginary life of the day.

Well. I don’t have a vintage purse collection or a phone with internet access, so maybe instead I’ll wallpaper my room and write an epic Christmas story.

Because, I do have wallpaper. I got it for a dollar. And I have a pen.

2 responses to “Imagenary Lives

  1. Sigh…what if.
    I’ve been enjoying your frequent blog posts lately.


  2. I agree with Nora! Keep up the great work!


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