Actors sing in the shower with natural soap and have a good life

This is my definition of a good life: being in a play.

Well, no, that is not quite accurate. I think people who have grown up with two parents who love each other AND have spent the majority of their life NOT sick have a good life. I think having Jesus in your heart fulfills your life. But maybe people who are in plays have the most fun.

I have been literally dreaming about seeing the dressing rooms. I knew there were dressing rooms. I had dreams at night about finding them. And then, today, it really happened. We were showed the dressing rooms. And, get this; the dressing rooms have showers.


If I ever take a shower in the dressing room shower I will sing in the shower. I will sing “Deck the halls with boughs of holly.” You know why? Because that is the one and only song that I sing in the play so I might as well let anyone listening in know what a serious and dedicated actor I am.

Ben always sings choir songs in the shower to show what a serious and dedicated choir singer he is. I can hear him when I lie in bed. That is only because my room is next to the bathroom and Ben sings loud and the walls are probably thin, though I have never actually measured them.

I should start singing in the shower more, even if there is no one around to impress with my acting dedication. Another thing about the good life is, people who are living the good life usually sing in the shower. Not that I have done extensive research.

However, I must add a disclaimer to this whole shower thing. Although I am a fan of showers, there is one thing all people who shower should know: use natural shampoo. And soap. And etc. Because natural stuff is good and better.

Once I read a book about a girl who made her own shampoo with eggs. I tried it years later. I cracked an egg on my head and rubbed it into my hair and rinsed it out. It made no noticeable difference but I left the shells in the shower and they ended up smelling pretty bad.

Besides the egg experiment and occasionally using sugar as an exfoliant I haven’t used many (if any) natural beauty products. I think that is because the natural things don’t come into grocery depot for $1.25. Well, natural organic salad dressings do, but not beauty products. At least not that I’ve seen.

I have no idea if/how much better natural beauty products are than regular ones.


2 responses to “Actors sing in the shower with natural soap and have a good life

  1. Oh Emily, you make me laugh!
    Last year my roommate would occasionally wash her hair and scrub it with brown sugar and then rinse it out. She said it worked…but I never tried it. If you didn’t get it all rinsed out, that would look like some pretty nasty dandruff!


  2. Dear Emily,
    I use natural bar soap and I buy mine for a very reasonable price at Down to Earth in Eugene. The sell the “ends” in bulk bins for about $1.49 a pound. The selection varies, but it is worth watching for. Natural shampoo can be purchased at Market of Choice in bulk. You can bring your own container and refill it. These sources make buying natural affordable for me. It doesn’t make any sense to me to buy nasty cheap soap that dries out my skin and then pay for a hand lotion to try to replace the moisture.


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