Today was the day of my big party.

I mean, like, in the play. My husband and I threw this big party and we invited a man named Topper who was a friend of my husbands.

And THEN, we played blind man’s bluff, and Topper wouldn’t catch anyone but my sister Rose. It was quite scandalous.

It’s my big scene. The scene where I get to play “Niece” instead of “Choras member #13” which is just a fancy way of saying “one of fifteen narrators.”


Today was the first day that we rehearsed my big scene. However, when it came time for Topper to chase after Rose, and everyone in the scene was being choreographed into a big game of blind man’s bluff, my husband and I stood behind the craziness and had conversations under our breath, all while staying in character.

Like this:

Husband: Wow. I’m really sorry I invited Topper, dear.

Me: You know, I like you Fred, but I don’t like your friends.

Husband: Are you sure your sister Rose isn’t enjoying Topper’s attention?

Me: What? Rose would never go for a guy like that.

(Rose giggles at Topper and drags him off out of the crowd)

Husband: Wait, are you sure Rose doesn’t like Topper??

It was amazing, because my whole life I have wanted to do that. Well maybe not. But kind of.

All those times I did student chapel skits and Bible Club skits I would set the scene and give everyone their characters, and then hope and hope that we could just improvise the dialogue. It seemed so easy to me. Stephy was usually pretty good at dialogue improvisation but most of the others had to be told what to say.

Even though I could improvise with Stephy, that was just during the play. I never got to just randomly chat with someone while in character even though there was no need to.

But. I always wanted to.

So yes.

Today was fun.

One response to “Improvise

  1. Are you kidding me. That was so much fun. I love doing things like that. It makes creating your character so much more fun and so much easier. I do that for every show. Its one of my favorite things about acting.


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