Communication Breakdown

7:30 AM
I leave for school. Steven has a stomach ache. Jenny makes him tummy ache tea.

9:30 AM
My mom sends me a text. I don’t see it because I am in class.

10:30 AM
I am out of class. My phone beeps, with my usual daily Bible verse text from Stuart. I see that I also got a text from my Mom. It says, “can you take Steven to the doctor at 4:00?”

I call Dad. My phone dies mid call.

I wander around the school, trying to find someone I know so I can borrow their phone.

I run into one of my college friends named Alex. I use his phone to call Mom, Dad, and home. No one answers.

I try not to panic. But does Steven have appendicitis? Is he going to be okay? I can’t help wondering what on earth is going on.

10:45 I go to the library computer to see if I can text my brother Ben via email, since I know that he is on campus and has a phone.

I realize that I don’t know his phone number off hand.

I get on facebook and IM my cousin Keith, asking if he has Ben’s number.
He doesn’t.

I find the church phone number online, and write it on my hand.

I wander around some more, trying to find someone I know.
No luck.

I go to my car and look in the trunk to see if I left my cell phone charger in there, for some reason.
No luck.

I run into my friend Seth. Yes! I borrow his phone and call church. My Dad, teaching school there, answers.

My Dad says Steven is fine. Just a small stomach ache. Mom was behind on the news when she texted me that. I can disregard her message. Everything is okay.

Moral of story: Always keep your cell phone charged.

One response to “Communication Breakdown

  1. literal breakdown hehaheha
    Moral: be a boy scout [Be prepared!]
    at least it only took an hour to sort things out. hope that was between classes


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