I am loving life except for math class

The good news is that I will probably drop math class.

The better news is that I can make up dropped math class credits by being in the school play.

I auditioned for the play Friday. I had never auditioned before. Ever. For anything. Ironically, I held auditions last spring when I was casting parts for Group Bible Speaking at our church school. Sometimes I do things sort of backwards in life.

I was so nervous Friday after classes I couldn’t stand it. I jogged around the track which was a win-lose because it calmed my nerves but it also made me sweaty.

The auditions themselves were informal and fun. We played some warm-up games, and then paired up to read scripts with each other. Sometimes the director mixed it up a little by having the script readers do silly things, like having Scrooge talk in a nice voice and Bob Cratchet talk in a mean voice. It would have been pure fun if it weren’t for the nagging voice in the back of my head going, “he’s watching you to see how good of an actor you are. She’s a much better actor than you are. You totally weren’t dramatic enough right then.”

Scrooge is a female in this version of the play, so of course the object of the game was to be cast as Scrooge. I waited all weekend on pins and needles, hoping to get cast as Scrooge, but thinking I must have done so terrible in the audition that I wasn’t going to get cast at all.

This morning I saw the cast list. I wasn’t Scrooge. I was ‘niece.’ Which made me laugh, because here I had been debating the two extreems in my mind all weekend, wondering if I would be Scrooge or nothing at all, when in reality there was a bunch of middle ground I was ignoring.

That is the story of that.

I am also writing for the school paper this year. It was kind of weird, because they didn’t ask me for my writing credentials at all. I just signed up for a journalism lab and was given things to write.

Technical writing is fascinating to me, so I’m loving that class too. Which leaves the only inkstain on my happiness my chemistry class.


But then again, what is the point of college if not to stretch you? It can’t be all writing and acting and fun stuff like that.

(Says me, trying to sound all mature and stuff.)

And speaking of college, if you want some interesting reading go to my old Women And Higher Education post and read the comments. Wow. It makes me want to write a book called “Now What?” about deciding what to do after high school. I could interview all the people who commented. They have some very insightful things to say on the subject.

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