Interesting Picture

Once I was looking for a picture that could represent what I was like “before.” (I always divide my life, now, into before, during, and after.) This is the picture I found.

The girl in the picture looks like she has a very comfortable life, in the sense that it’s relatively stable and unchanging. But oh, the drama! And it matters so much! She also looks like she got her clothes at a thrift store and is trying to break out and be interesting.

And like she’s lived in that room for a very long time.

If none of that makes sense, just look at the pretty picture and enjoy it.

I found a “during” picture too. It was of a girl in a black dress lying alone on a bed ice…not smooth flat ice but ice that looked like jagged frozen ocean waves. But the picture wasn’t available for download so I didn’t get it.

I think if there would be an “after” picture it would be of a community college campus absolutely bathed drenched overpoaring with sunlight, as a hundred interesting people positively wallowed in it. I would be one of those people.

P.S. Wallowed in a good way.

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