Oh, A Cat’s life!

By Jenny Smucker, when she was five–

Oh, a cat’s life!

Mom, do you know why I say, ‘Oh, a cat’s life!’?

Because a cat’s life is just wonderful.

They can sleep whenever they want to;

they don’t have to ask before they cross the road;

they can scratch and bite people whenever they want to

and they never get punished;

they can kill mice whenever they want to

and they don’t have to ask to go hunting.

(Yes, these kittens are ours. Aren’t they beautiful?)

3 responses to “Oh, A Cat’s life!

  1. I want a kitten like that. They adorable!


  2. Cute kittens! I want one please. Can you ship one to Texas? Oh, wait we can’t have pets in our apartment. 😦
    BTW, I wish you would write more blog. I love them and I adore your writing style. Your blog was the first one I always read faithfully and inspired me to enter the world of blogging. You are awesome! Just thought you should know.
    How’s that for a long comment?


  3. Nice photo journalism. A kids picture book in the making?


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