Oh Grrrrrrrrrrrrandmothers

(Not to insult any grandmothers out there. That is just one of my favorite catchphrases, along with “oh my bunnyslippers,” “blast,” and the newly acquired “oh grape.”)

I don’t know what I am going to say. I was going to talk about things I learned in health class, like how non-fat I am, but to be honest that kind of makes me uncomfortable.

Sometimes I feel like people accuse me of being skinny. Some people have problems being fat, but can you have problems being skinny? What if you forget to eat, and don’t feel like “eating more,” and want to exercise and eat healthily? Then what?

Okay, dropping that subject.

Osama is dead. I think that is sad. I am sorry, I know he was a terrible person, I understand that he had to die, but it still makes me sad. It makes me sad that terrible things have to happen, and people have to die, and some of those people do not accept redemption from my Lord.

What makes me sadder is going on facebook and seeing everyone so proud to be American right now, the dominating country, the country that is going to lick those Muslims.

Excuse me?

Maybe I’ll be Canadian for now. (Duel citizenship is handy for moments like this.)

As a side note, always keep your bedroom clean. You never know when a young man will come crawling in through your window. I now know that it is possible for me to elope, if I so desire.

Now for the Oh Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrandmothers part.

1. Depression has not completely left the building.

2. My grandmother just fell down the stairs.

3. Which means that my mom has to leave for Minnisota.

Yeah…life is a wee bit stressful at the moment. I try to counter it by taking a lace tablecloth to school to do my homework on.

One response to “Oh Grrrrrrrrrrrrandmothers

  1. I agree, Emily. I’m not really excited about his death; I am sorry he didn’t get to know the Lord.

    Wait, elope? Would you like to elaborate on that story? I’m curious… 🙂

    I didn’t know you have dual citizenship. That’s cool!

    Hope your grandmother gets better soon!


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