We Love Royal Weddings


Oh my bunnyslippers, is this not the cutest picture you have ever seen?

I think I would like to have a nice royal wedding with a huge cake and some tea and a horse-drawn carriage. It would be lovely. Oh, and a red carpet! I wonder how much red carpets cost to rent. Hmm.

A red carpet, 3ft. wide, 50 ft. long, costs $400. (source)

In fourteen minutes I have to be in the classroom with the annoying teacher. Some days he is funny, some days annoying, depending on how tired I am.


2 responses to “We Love Royal Weddings

  1. i love this pic, partially cause they look so in love, and partially for the tiny girl at the bottom left who looks so tired and grumpy and is plugging her ears. haw haw haw


  2. Selected stories of O. Henry ;)

    Hah!! That is my fav. pic. of ANYONE’S wedding. I LOVE the little girl looking so disgusted and crabby, and also, I love wedding pictures. Thanks for the post, Emily.


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