A question:

Why is it impossible to firmly believe that a Bible-believing Christian should NOT engage in homosexual activities, without being labeled as “homophobic?”

Or a “hater?”

Excuse me, the Bible says that homosexual activities are wrong. It also says that, (gasp) hating is wrong.

Just sayin’

Also, is anyone actually afraid of homosexuals? Like, “eek, the homosexuals are gonna get me!!!”


Than why use the term “homophobia?”

I just get very annoyed at a media which presents two sides: Acceptance and hatred. Um, I think it is wrong to sleep with your boyfriend before you’re married. But I’m not going to HATE you because you do it. Hello?

That being said, I also do not understand the hatred towards homosexuals which IS prevalent in society as well. Once I was at the library in Redmond and I found a little piece of red construction paper on the magazine rack. On it was written something along the lines of, “God hates gay people. Gay people will go to Hell!!!”

Um, seriously?

There is middle ground, you know. There are people who firmly believe the Bible, are not haters, and think homosexuality is un-Biblical.

End of rant.

12 responses to “Why?

  1. Agree.


  2. Why? Because tolerance no longer means to disagree peaceably. The “new” tolerance means “You must embrace my views and lifestyle.” It only goes one way, however. The new tolerance excludes embracing the views of Christianity or conservatism. The “hate” accusation is simply another form of bullying.


  3. big brother Matt

    I’ve heard it said from a number of Christians that A. The Roman Empire fell because of its acceptance of homosexuality and B. The same thing is going to happen here. And I’m not talking about Westboro Baptist here either…I’ve heard this from more than a few Mennos. Is that homophobia? Maybe, maybe not, but I can certainly see how someone looking on from the outside would interpret it as such.

    I find that the term “homophobia” generally refers more to Christians’ fear of God’s judgement over America’s acceptance of gays, instead of actual fear of gays.


    • I think the term and definition are much more general/broad than that, Matt. From Wikipedia–“Homophobia is a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, and in some cases transgender and intersex people and behaviour. Definitions refer variably to antipathy, contempt, prejudice, aversion, and irrational fear. Homophobia is observable in critical and hostile behavior such as discrimination and violence. . .”
      And the Anti-Defamation League website equates moral disapproval with homophobia–“At times homophobic beliefs lead people toward prejudiced actions at work, at schools, at clubs and in many other areas as well. Prejudiced views directed at homosexuals often stem from the perception that homosexual activity is immoral.”


  4. Amen! Great post!


  5. In an earlier post you said you believe gay marriage is wrong. I would like to know, how would two people of the same gender being in love and marrying affect YOU? I really want a good reason here, beyond that the Bible says homosexuality is wrong. If I married my partner, how does that impact YOU directly? Why is it YOUR business? Please respond with an intelligent argument.


    • It wouldn’t affect me! I think you are expecting me to argue something that I never claimed to believe.
      What I am saying is that if you asked my advice, Christian to Christian, I would advise you not marry your partner. If you are going to claim to be a Bible believing Christian you might as well follow the Bible.
      The way I see it is this: There is wrong that affects yourself, and there is wrong that affects people other than yourself. If you were going to rob a bank, kill someone, or blow up a bridge, I would seek legal action and tell you to stop because your bad decision was going to affect other people.
      However, if you want to sleep with your boyfriend before you’re married, marry someone of the same gender as yourself, or keep a very messy house, it’s your decision and not really any of my business unless you are directly involved in my life.


  6. Also, is anyone actually afraid of homosexuals? Like, “eek, the homosexuals are gonna get me!!!”

    Yes. Try telling a roomful of people you don’t know that you’re gay – I guarantee you that at least some of the people there will act as if you just announced that you’re carrying a live grenade.


  7. yeah well the bible says that homosexuality and hatred is a sin, along with other things that everyone basically gets caught up in at some time or another,cuz we all know that nobody is super perfect, but God doesn’t hate us for it. He LOVES the sinner but hates the sin, which is the actual act that the person is commiting, not that person like me or you.
    That’s why He died on the cross for our sins, cuz we aren’t “good enough” to make it there on our own. He’s not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance (meaning that we should change turn away from sin)


  8. Without the presence of the Holy Spirit, the Biblical argument against homosexuality is easily translated into illogicality.

    As Christians, it is our job to simply Love, as Christ Loved us.


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