Convention and weeeeeel I’m tired goodnight

I wasn’t really a sponsor, just Dad’s little sidekick helper who’s always there to volunteer if he needs an extra person.

I am not old enough to be a sponsor, you know. You have to be 21. So I guess, technically, I was just a visitor. Who also, you know, directed Group Bible Speaking and kept track of schedules and judges forms when Dad had to do something else and told Alicia what to wear for Bible Bowl.

It was so much fun.

I decided that that’s what I am going to be next year, a sponsor when arranges schedules and forms and makes a gazillion phone calls. It makes me feel busy and alive.

Well anyway I am going back up tomorrow and probably Friday evening as well.

And my Group Bible Speaking actors got a command performance! Yippee!!

Still thinking of things I could have done to make it better though.


Goodnight. See you when I am bored again. Which won’t be for a while. Yay!

One response to “Convention and weeeeeel I’m tired goodnight

  1. They got a command performance? Wow, that is awesome! No one told me about that. Wish I could be there watching them. Have fun for me. 🙂



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