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A question:

Why is it impossible to firmly believe that a Bible-believing Christian should NOT engage in homosexual activities, without being labeled as “homophobic?”

Or a “hater?”

Excuse me, the Bible says that homosexual activities are wrong. It also says that, (gasp) hating is wrong.

Just sayin’

Also, is anyone actually afraid of homosexuals? Like, “eek, the homosexuals are gonna get me!!!”


Than why use the term “homophobia?”

I just get very annoyed at a media which presents two sides: Acceptance and hatred. Um, I think it is wrong to sleep with your boyfriend before you’re married. But I’m not going to HATE you because you do it. Hello?

That being said, I also do not understand the hatred towards homosexuals which IS prevalent in society as well. Once I was at the library in Redmond and I found a little piece of red construction paper on the magazine rack. On it was written something along the lines of, “God hates gay people. Gay people will go to Hell!!!”

Um, seriously?

There is middle ground, you know. There are people who firmly believe the Bible, are not haters, and think homosexuality is un-Biblical.

End of rant.