I must write HAPPY THINGS

Things that were GOOD about today:

  • It was sunny!!!
  • I had tea with a friend.
  • I opened my window and left it open all day and the cat didn’t even crawl in.
  • I sewed BIG PIECES of foam together. Now, why the bunnyslipper did I do that? It’s a secret!!! Tee hee hee oh yes the big pieces of foam can be seen in the previous post, when I talk about my art project for this week.
    (Side note. I went to St. Vinnie’s on Saturday and saw a pair of real honest to goodness bunnyslippers which were so cute and fit me perfectly. Did I buy them? No I did not. I am thrifty like that. But now I can’t use my signature phrase of “oh my bunnyslippers” without thinking of those dear pieces of footwear.)
    (Another side note. I did buy a record, as in vintage-vinyl-old school record. And, it is going to factor into this week’s art project. Tee hee hee)
  • I wore a really cute outfit! Oh wait. It that a lame happy thing? It’s not like I met up with any eligible bachelors or anything. Unless you count Justin Doutrich sticking his head in the door to say something to Mr. Smucker at school.
  • Okay fine I ran out of happy things but I still have a yellow princess dress so life can’t be too dreary.

One response to “I must write HAPPY THINGS

  1. (smirks)

    and, oh my bunnyslippers. Its more fun to write all over your blog and pretend I am a creepy stalker and make all the eligible bachelors who are stalking you worry 🙂

    I’m glad the cat did not come in.


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