Sunday Art Roundup

My art project of the week was THE DESK. Remember, the ugly roll-top? This week I painted it until I was blue in the face (well, white in the face, since I was using white paint,) coat after coat after coat and still it wasn’t perfect.

I decided that instead of THE DESK, my art project was THE DESK PART 1.

This is the desk before:

And this is the desk after PART 1.

You can’t really tell in the picture but the whole thing needs another coat (it only has four, plus primer) and the drawers need two more coats (they have three) and I gave up on painting the back of the desk after two coats, because, hello? It is against the wall. No one will see it.

Step 2 will involve adding the extra coats of paint, carefully painting the actual roll-top part, and doing something about those hideous drawer pulls. However, at the moment that desk is being used as the only dresser in my room so I’m going to save step 2 for another week. I am sick of working on that desk.

(above three pictures were taken by me with Mom’s camera)

“What the bunnyslipper is that?” you may wonder. So I shall tell you.

The table thing is…well I’m not sure what it is actually. It came with a bunch of random furniture in Colorado but it reminds me of something someone would put in a hotel room to set suitcases on. Since it has wheels on it. And stuff.

The foam on top is from the most hideous old chair that the boys had in their room and recently got rid of (thank God!). It is going into the trash because it is so old and gross and has no legs but I snagged the seat, ripped off the cover, and cut the foam into pieces so that it could be arranged to fit perfectly on top of the table thing.

Do you know yet what I am making out of all this?

If you can’t guess, too bad for you. You will have to wait till next week when I unveil my creation.

Oh, and some of you asked how the party went. Sorry I didn’t go into greater detail! I was very tired and had no pictures but I just found two on Mom’s camera.

When we got to the house, the lights were off in the living room. Jenny opened the door in a very agitated/nervous manner and then, when we were in, she blew her noisemaker. Then everyone popped up from behind the couch and inside the stairwell, blowing their noisemakers.

(photo from google images)

Anna was surprised and happy.

We did bag skits, where people have a bag of random stuff and have to make a skit out of it. The hit of the evening was one done by Anna, Mom, and Felicia, which basically went like this:

Felicia: I’m so bored. I wish my prince charming would come.

Mom: Darling, sometimes the right one for us is just a nice guy who happens to come by.

Anna: (Knocks on the door) M-m-ma’am, I’m the m-m-man here to fix your d-d-doorknob!

Mom: Oh, all right. (To Felicia) See, he is a nice guy.

Felicia: Whatever. I think I’ll go dance.

(Felicia dances around. Doorknob man watches her, and drops the doorknob and screwdriver in awe. Then he runs off.)

Mom: I think he likes you!

Felicia: Whatever.

Anna: (comes back, holding an apple. She gets on one knee and holds it out to Felicia.) M-m-ma’am, I hope you will take this a-a-apple as a token of my a-a-affection for you.

Felicia: Hmm. Thanks. (Takes apple and walks off. Anna runs off, rejected.)

Mom: See, he likes you! And he’s nice!

Felicia: Whatever. Apple’s pretty good though.

Anna: (comes back) M-m-ma’am, I brought you these w-w-wood carvings all the way from A-a-africa!

Felicia: Okay. (Takes things, walks off. Anna runs off in despair.)

Mom: Felicia! (goes off on rant.)

Felicia: Whatever. OH NO!!!!IT’S A SLUG!!!!

Anna: (reappearing at the crucial moment.) I’ll kill it! (stomps on it and pours salt on it.)

Felicia: I’ve always dreamed of a man saving me from a slug!!!

They smile and live happily ever after.

The end.

We ate snacks, next. And cake.

There is Anna with her cake, which Mom decorated. Did you know that Mom used to have a small home business decorating cakes for people? Oh yes she did. She is quite good at it.

This is a picture of the whole party.

So after we ate and opened presents, we sat around the living room and played Fat Aaron. You know, that game where one person draws a picture, and the next writes about it, and the next person draws a picture using the writing as a guide, and it goes on and on like that?

Well Mom drew a very nice picture of someone salting a slug, and handed it to Jenny.

Jenny wrote something along the lines of, “brave Anna salts a slug and wins Felicia’s heart.”

So of course Dorothy, who came next in line, drew a picture which included Anna and Felicia, and after a while the slug was lost and the guy was screaming instead of the girl and the girl was holding a knife which turned into a popsicle.

It was fun.

And then people when home and I posted and was too tired to give a very detailed record of what had happened. But I’m not too tired now. So here you go.

I hope you enjoyed it.

4 responses to “Sunday Art Roundup

  1. Your desk is quite cute. 🙂 I don’t typically like painted wood, but you’re right; it looks a lot better! Are you going to paint any designs on it after you finish with the white?

    Haha that sounds like a fun party. I’ve played that game, but I never knew it was called Fat Aaron.


  2. The desk looks sooooo much better!
    The cake your mom decorated is lovely! She’s extremely talented.
    I laughed very hard at that skit, so I can imagine what it would have been like with the visual there as well!


  3. Your party sounds wonderful. I had never heard of any of the games you mentioned and I am very impressed with their creativity. Much more fun than box games. The games, the cake, and the desk transformation all add up to a very talented and creative family. Thanks for sharing. Oh! Another thought: could beautiful cakes and creative games add up to a home based party business (in case the blog ads are still a ways off)?


  4. The table thing on wheels, with assorted chunks of foam ~ um, could it be you will make portable window-seat out of it?


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