The Traveling Dream

I was traveling with my family. We were in the Nairobi airport. Our plane was about to leave. It was taxing along, and we had to run to catch it.

Alongside us came one of those luggage carts. The people had to throw our luggage into the plane as they both drove along. But we made it, and so did our luggage.

We settled into our seats. Some time passed. And then, something terrible happened. The cabin lost pressure, even though they had not anticipated it, and yellow oxygen masks dropped from the compartment above.

I knew what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to pull the mask towards me to release the flow of oxygen. Then I was supposed to put on the mask, using the little tabs to adjust it. And, most importantly, I could not help my little sister Jenny, who sat beside me, until I had finished putting on my own mask.

Well let me tell you. Those oxygen masks were terrible. They were not like the ones the flight attendants show you at all. No, airplanes had upgraded, and so we had these heavy duty little yellow masks with black tubing. It took a lot of force to pull the mask toward you to release the flow of oxygen.

Jenny couldn’t breathe. But none of us could help her because we HAD to do our mask first and we were all struggling to pull the mask towards us to release the flow of oxygen. Also, her mask had caught on something. It was awful.

But in the end we all lived.

When I was assured that we were all going to live, I looked out the window. We were still at the Nairobi airport. We hadn’t even left the ground.

The airplane began to taxi towards the runway. But suddenly the big metal doors began closing! Oh no! They were going to smash our airplane!

(Just for the record, once in one of the airports Amy and I were going to go through big metal double doors when they began closing. It was kind of weird, like we had done something wrong and were being denied entry. It turned out that they were automatic doors but apparently the image was pretty traumatizing since it appeared later in this dream of mine.)

The captain radioed the people in control. “Emergency!” he said, “the big metal doors are closing on us! Emergency!”

I was glad he said the word “emergency” because once I heard this pilot who was in deep trouble and radioed in and they ignored him because he hadn’t used the key word, which was “emergency.”

The doors began opening back up, but they weren’t quite fast enough. The wing of the plane was hit, and the airplane caught on fire!

We all had to evacuate the airplane. We were halfway out when I realized I hadn’t gotten my backpack, but that was okay because KLM airlines always reminds you that in the event of an evacuation, you are not to take anything with you.

I had the book “Northanger Abbey” in my hand, though. I looked at the pink and purple cover and knew I would be all right because I had something good to read.

The End.

One response to “The Traveling Dream

  1. Wow. You know, every time I sleep on an airplane I dream that the plane is flying low, barely above the ground, following the roads all over the countryside, up hills, through towns, flying and flying but never crashing into trees or anything. Ya vell. Not as interesting as yours.
    I guess I didn’t realize you listen that closely to all the safety messages.


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