Old Town, New City

Check out how Polish I look.

My shoes are still wrong, though.

They should look like this.

We spent the day in Warsaw. I felt very urban. I was planning to post pictures of graffiti and public transportation and bundled up fashionable ladies and the other urban things I encountered today, but alas, I have a very slow internet connection and it just isn’t worth it.

We went to a pottery shop and a museum. They were sort of boring but I felt bad thinking that they were boring because I got the feeling that if I were a cultured urban woman I would love them.

Then, after the pottery and the museum, we went to the real attraction of Warsaw. The old town.

The outside is this big wall of brick that looks all castle-like. The inside is full of these tall houses squished together, and cobblestone streets. It reminds me of the days when I studied world history, and I learned that in the middle ages it was the towns that defied feudalism and developed a middle class in the western world.

If a peasant ran away from the village and wasn’t caught for a year and a day, he would become free. Then he could go to a town and be a shoemaker or something.

The towns had big strong walls, so if people wanted to make their houses bigger they had to make them taller, not wider. There was a limit to how wide the town could be.

Hence, the beautiful walls and tall houses that still exist today.

I wanted to tour the palace. Uncle John said it would be boring. Boring! I could stand in one place and look for hours without getting bored.

Even fast food restaurants are beautiful in Old Town.

How could I have been so tired in that museum? I don’t mind walking now. I don’t mind the cold anymore. But that may be because my kind cousin Austin gave me his hat to wear.

A hat can make a big difference.

We went to pizza hut, where I took a picture that I will show as a parting shot. It is of my mom and my dad. It is not posed. For some reason I love this picture. I don’t know why. Maybe because it is a picture of real parents instead of posed parents.

Well never mind. It won’t upload. Girrrrrrr

(FYI, all pictures in this post were taken by me. I should start giving photo credits more often. The picture of the airplane a few posts back was gotten from google images but someone commented thinking I had taken it. Oops. I only wish I was such a great photographer.

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  1. Hey Emely I read Your Book And I Really Enjoyed reading it (:


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