Airports and Poland

I officially do not like flying. It has lost all it’s charm. If you think about it, it should be charming to be in the air viewing the world spread out beneath you like a living road map. But have you ever noticed that once you look at enough road maps they all start to look the same?

Oh and just for the record I wrote a post in the Amsterdam airport and just as I was about to post it my computer shut off and when I turned it on and tried the re-post it I discovered that only four and a half words had been auto-saved.

“I am tired of fly.”

That’s all it said. I think the title was longer than the post.

Mostly, the whole trip I was tired and I felt weird.

Brothers are nice things to have around when you are tired.

We had a long flight to Amsterdam and a short flight from there to Poland. The next leg of our trip is Poland, where my Aunt and Uncle and cousins live.

Poland is quite different from Kenya.

We had one adventure in Amsterdam before we got to Poland. It was this: Jenny and I struggled to pour a giant teapot.

I got to Poland, went to my Aunt and Uncles house, ate a snack, took a bath, and went to bed about 3:00 in the afternoon. It was going to be a nap, you know.

After a while I was very confused because there was a person in the bed and someone was re-arranging my pillows and I wasn’t exactly sure where I was. Amy said, “I am going to bed now. Go back to sleep, it is okay.”

I went back to sleep.

In the morning Amy told me that she had tried to wake me up for supper. She turned on the light and I woke up but I was all confused. She had to explain to me where we were and how we had gotten here and that it was time to eat.

I said, “can I go back to sleep?”

Amy said I could and left.

This is all her story. I have absolutely no memory of it.

Now, I will tell you about Poland. Poland is special because it has cute cars.

Okay so that van isn’t really cute but it is interesting. My uncle and his family call it the pickle van.

Q. What would happen if we were all trapped in the van and the doors wouldn’t open?

A. We’d be in a pickle!

That car, however, is cute.

Another cute car.

Also, a man with a cute hat climbing into it.

Also, the picture is blurry because the lens was foggy because it was COLD.

I took that picture with my sister’s camera. Every other picture you will see in this post was taken by my sister Amy. That explains why every picture in this post is really amazing and beautiful except the one above which is blurry and not centered well.

I cannot get enough of cute cars. Why are American cars so ugly????

Behind that car you will see the market which we went to today. It was cold. You can tell it was cold because of the snow.

Look at that shirt I am checking out. Isn’t it cute? Also, how the bunnyslipper am I supposed to try it on without freezing to death?

In Kenya I would have just slipped it on over my t-shirt.

In Kenya they would have said, “it fits, it looks beautiful on you!” Even if it didn’t fit and looked ugly on me.

In Poland they have different sizes if you need a different size.

In Kenya as soon as they see my white face they treat me like I am VERY special and also willing to buy a boatload of stuff.

In Poland I’m not special, I’m just the weird-o wearing the wrong shoes.

How to fit in in Poland:

1. Wear trendy boots. NEVER tennis shoes.

2. Wear a long elegant coat.

3. Wear dark muted colors.

I love the Polish styles although I would personally add a bit more color. I was very tempted to buy out the shops except for the fact that I am not terribly rich, and also, it was way too cold to try anything on except for scarves and hats.

I did, however, buy a gray sweater.

I have wanted a gray sweater for a long time. I bought this one, braving the freezing cold in order to try it  on. It cost me $12 and is 20% cashmere. Also, brand new with no pilly stuff or rips or stains. I think that is a pretty good deal.

Mom and Aunt Laura kept saying, “Only Emily could wear that. Who else has no hips and can pull of dramatic pieces clothes?”

Not in those exact words. But you get the idea.

I am not sure what we are doing tomorrow but I am sure it will be exciting.

Stay tuned.

5 responses to “Airports and Poland

  1. Hey, why don’t you hop over to Germany and get me a SMART car?!! 🙂


  2. gimmie! gimmie!
    I vant da sveater!


  3. very cute sweater! It fits you and not just in size. AND cashmere! wonderful. aren’t you glad you didn’t spend all your money in Kenya!?


  4. Now I understand why your other post was so short. The computer must have been tired of compute


  5. Had to chuckle at the comparison of shopping in Kenya and Poland 🙂 I remember the street vendors in Uganda shouting, “Mommy, I have perfect skirt for you!” And when I’d take the time to stop and look, it would always be either teeny tiny (which I’m not) or ginormous (which I’m not either) and I would say, “That wouldn’t fit.” And they would reply, “Oh but mommy, you are so [insert skinny or fat here, depending on how big the item was]!” LOL I was never good at bargaining so my 14-year-old daughter would do it for me, and make me walk away when I wanted something and they were asking a ridiculous price. 90% of the time we did that, they would run after us saying we could have it for what we had offered 🙂 Half the fun of buying and selling there is in the haggling. But since I’m not good at haggling, it wasn’t so fun for me. But I have to say, shopping in Uganda was always an adventure!
    I’ve enjoyed following your travels and will continue to come back to read the REAL blog now that you have one 🙂
    P.S. I think you really need to find a pair of red boots! Personally, I am on the hunt for either turquoise boots or green ones with white daisies.


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