Snowflakes! The mystery is solved.

Remember this picture?

Yep, that’s the photo that’s in my old snowflakes post. That is the one that is apparently popping up in google images when people search for “snowflakes.”

It took me a long time to figure it out because the family computers block google images. So I went on my computer, and wow. I google “snowflakes”, and the first thing that comes up is “images for snowflakes” which then gives a sampling of five snowflake pictures, the first and biggest of which is from my blog.

At least, on my computer. I can’t speak for yours. But judging from the fact that I got 703 hits today I think that picture somehow worked it’s way up the ranks.

Ironic, since I got it from google images in the first place. :-S


More snowflakes.

(No, for your information, I am not milking this at all. Well maybe a little bit but I’ll call it experimenting and also, if YOU got 703 hits in one day YOU might go a little crazy too.


Nutcracker snowflakes.

See, I changed things up a bit. 🙂

I don’t feel like posting anything very intelectually stimulating because I just, for the record, posted a very long post about my family.

We are leaving for Kenya tomorrow.


2 responses to “Snowflakes! The mystery is solved.

  1. Mary Ann Beachy

    Hi, Emily!
    I like your blog and I have you bookmarked so I can check on you quickly! Smile.
    I hope you have a wonderful trip to Kenya. My brother-in-law, Merle Beachy and his family have lived in Kisumu, Kenya since February of 2000. Right now they are in the States for 6 weeks. Merle is The Bishop for the Amish Mennonite Aid missions there.
    It has been interesting that Steven has joined your family. We have a son in Belize who married a Creole girl and they live in Belize since their marriage in 2004.
    Mary Ann


    • Hi Mary Ann! So glad you like my blog. Right now I am at the very mission you are talking about and it is beautiful!
      It’s strange, because now we all stand out and Steven fits right in. Quite a change. 🙂


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