Short trip update

In Amsterdam. 8 hour layover. Confused about the time because my computer is in EST, my mind is in PST, and I am technically in Amsterdam time whatever that is.

Drama in airport: Jenny had to get screened because of her splint and ace bandage. Turns out that she had very mild explosive substances on her hands and had to get x-rayed and patted down and carry ons search and so on and so forth.

After the fact I learned that she was so scared she wouldn’t be allowed to come, poor thing!

Steven brought big bottles of toothpaste and shampoo in his carry on so of course security zapped him. None of us could believe that he didn’t just KNOW that. One of those things you expect everyone to know.

Maybe I was teasing him too hard because I am still traumatized by the time my family realized that I didn’t know what freezing temperature was.

Gotta go, I’ll catch up later!


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