People Love Snowflakes more than Kissing

Just so you know, I am twenty years old. I was born on July 6, 1990. That makes me 2o.

Also, my book is 163 pages long. I just went and checked. Amazon, however, says it is 168 pages. I am not sure they counted.

Today someone googled “how old is emily smucker” and someone else “how many pages does the book emily smuker have” so I thought I would just put that information out there since people are so desperate to know it.

I was all excited because my blog reached 250 views today. It has never had that many views unless Mom or Hans Mast linked me.

Then I noticed something very strange. Apparently 129 of those views came from people typing “snowflakes” into a search engine. Sure enough, the page that has gotten the most views today is my old “snowflakes and bizarre things” post from almost a whole year ago.

This makes zero sense to me. Why is my old post showing up in search engines now, and not way back last winter? Also, I googled “snowflakes” for myself and clicked all the way to page 21 and still, no sign of my blog.

I don’t get it.

snowflakes and bizarre things” has 158 views.

home page” has 60 views.

Basically a post about kissing” has 21 views.

The conclusion I have come to is that overall, people would rather read about snowflakes than kissing.

One response to “People Love Snowflakes more than Kissing

  1. I like your blog! I’ve been on and off the last couple of months so now I’m not an anonymous reader anymore 🙂 I love how you write about the ordinary in such a fun and fresh way. That’s funny about the obsession with the snowflake post. I’ll have to go read it…..


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