Basically a Post about Kissing

Someday I will buy myself a camera. For now I will have to be content scraping paint off of the bathroom ceiling. If the above statements made no sense to you it is because you are not a genius like I am.

(Just kidding.)

I want to mention that I loved the book Jane Eyre even though it was a romance novel. There are very few romance novels that I like. I have posted about this before. I also like The Blue Castle and Gone With the Wind and Pride and Prejudice. Maybe I like classics and not necessarily romance at all but that is a lie because I love romance in books, I just don’t like romance novels.

We were talking today about a boy who is a genius and is always hyper sensitive to sights, sounds, smells, etc. Also, he can feel emotions very extremely and is susceptible to both depression and extreme elation.

My mom said, “that reminds me of you, Emily.”

The lady who is the mother of the genius boy said, “Emily, I think your genius comes out in your artistic side.” (That made me feel very good about myself which prompted me to put the silly genius comment in the first paragraph.)

Anyway the point of that bunny trail was to say that I don’t really like emotional overload. It is extremely uncomfortable. When I was a pre-teen, and had all the pre-teen body and mind and everything changes, I felt so many emotional overloads, like I had so many feelings that I didn’t even know what to do with myself.

It is a similar thing that happens when I get VERY depressed and irrational.

Now, when I read a romance novel and it gets all sappy and weird and “his gentle eyes bore deep into her soul, and she could feel her pulse quicken as he leaned in, pressing his soft warm lips to hers,” I feel like someone is trying to shoot me with a syringe of emotions.  That makes me very uncomfortable and I promptly go find a new book to read where it says “they kissed” and leaves it at that.

In my book, the one I am writing, I wrote, “he kissed her.” Then I changed it to “he gave her a short kiss” but it was still strange to write about people kissing.

I told this to my family at the dinner table and Mom and Jenny both had a fit. Jenny because she detests kissing. Mom because she wanted me to do something more unique than just making them kiss like everyone else does. But I don’t know what else to do, because a kiss symbolizes something like, “hey look, I have feelings for you.”

Hmm I think I might have just basically written a post about kissing and that is sort of weird.

4 responses to “Basically a Post about Kissing

  1. hey you! ok so this blog post totally cracked me up!! and girl you ARE a genius. just saying. 🙂


  2. LOL! =) Emily, you’re style of writing is unique! You make me laugh. =)


  3. “Am I hideous, Jane?”
    “Very, sir; you always were, you know”

    Horray for Jane Eyre and high class flirting.


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