Smucker Jokes while Cleaning the Kitchen

Ben picked up two eggs. He said, “If we were in a movie and you were a bad guy I would throw these at you.”

I picked up two eggs. I said, “If we were not in a movie and you were in a good guy I would throw these at you.” Then I pretended to throw the eggs at him. Me, Ben, and Jenny laughed.

Steven was not amused. Me, Ben, and Jenny said, “where’s your sense of humor? Don’t you find that humorous?”

“No I don’t,” said Steven.

I took Steven’s arm and began examining it.

Steven said, “what are you doing?”

“I’m trying to figure out if you’re missing your humerus.”

The siblings laughed. Then Ben tried and tried to make up a joke about the humerus. “Why did the girl like the guy with big biceps? He had a humerus.”

After about five similar jokes I pointed out that none of them were really making sense. “I know,” said Ben. “One is a noun and one is an adjective and it isn’t working. I need to find a way to make a noun work as an adjective.”

He thought for a minute. Then he had it. “Why did the girl like the guy who had a tattoo on his upper arm? She was fond of his humerus remarks.”

We laughed.

Steven, not to be outdone, proclaimed that he had made up a joke. This was a surprise. Steven doesn’t make up jokes often.

“Let’s here it,” I said.

Steven: Knock knock.

Me: who’s there?

Steven: I wuntch

Me: I wuntch who?

Steven: (in a very suave voice) I know you do.

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