Get the boots

I have these furry black boots with furry pom-poms that I got online for twenty bucks once and just love. People all the time ask me where I got them but it’s silly because I got them years ago and most of the winter boots on the market now are either ugly ugg-types or $40 or more.

Well I just read the sale papers on Sunday and at Fred Meyer they have black furry boots, very similar to mine, for twenty bucks. Half off. So cute.

I have no picture to post because apparently Fred Meyer doesn’t put their merchandise online. Not sure how they can afford to do that but in any case google images is blocked on this computer and you shall just have to take my word for it.

Amy is coming home today. I thought I would let you know because you may not be interested in cute winter boots but surely you are interested in the fact that my super awesome sister is coming home.

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