Fashion Trends on Campus: a just for fun post

Everyone on campus is suddenly wearing moccasins. I do not get it. Personally I think they are quite ugly. To each his own, I guess.

Thin plastic headbands. Everyone is wearing them. I think they look kind of strange with a ponytail but fine with hanging hair.

I thought uggs were a thing of the past but I guess not.

Silly bands. Come on people, these are just plain silly.

Cute rain boots. Finally a trend I can get behind. Well the ones in the pic are kind of ugly but most of them are really cute. I think people should wear them all the time instead of their uggs or moccasins but no one picks them up unless it rains, and then everyone wears them.

And now, what I think should become fashionable

Colorful peasant blouses. A girl in my class wore one today and it was so cute. I’d love to see it catch on but that is probably wishful thinking because the girl who wore it wasn’t exactly the trendsetter type.

Headphone jacket. The pulls on this jacket are little ear buds. I wouldn’t wear this cause I don’t listen to music a lot but I just think it is so nifty. A different girl in a different class wore one today. She said she got it at J.C. Penny. Probably a much larger chance of this catching on.


Endnote: Yes I know this is not a typical post. I’ve just been observing what people wear today and I was inspired.

5 responses to “Fashion Trends on Campus: a just for fun post

  1. completely agree 🙂 i can’t understand some of the fashions these days. But I love the peasant blouse and hoodie 😀


  2. Hmm… fashion trends on college campuses must not vary much across the US. I must say studying college student’s apparel is quite an entertaining diversion. And cute rain boots are super amazing inventions, especially considering that my dear campus floods so much every time it rains that I nearly believe the legends of past students floating around in canoes.


  3. I wear moccasins to school!
    But then again, I like beards and you don’t so I guess I shouldn’t be too tramatized.


  4. Cute post. Wondering if there’s some way to detach the earbuds before you send the sweatshirt through the wash…


  5. Nice “fashion” post, Emily! I really wish I had some pretty rain boots. 🙂


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