The Best and Worst of the Bathrooms of Bridgewater College

The bathroom in the library is cute. I mean, it is full of green tiles. I am obsessed with green bathrooms.

Yeah, I will admit that it is not as cute as the one in the picture, but still, it is green.

That’s the pro.

The con is, the door shuts really slowly but it shuts with a bang. So when you are safely in your little green stall the door will bang and you will jump, thinking someone is there.

No one is ever there.

Creepy, right? The door just never finishes closing until you are in the stall.

The bathroom in Memorial Hall is nice because it’s just one room, so you can lock yourself in and then stand in front of the mirror and pop a zit and no one can see you.

Con: The sign on the door says “Men,” but  there is a girl icon.

The “Woe” part of the word somehow came off of the sign. Not sure how. It creeps me out a little, like maybe the restroom is for cross dressers or something.

Lastly, the bathroom on the top floor of Flory Hall. It is a lovely room and half of the wall is taken up by a window, which makes it very nice and sunny. It is yellow. A sunny happy bathroom.

However, it must be one of the smallest bathrooms ever. If someone is standing at the sink, the person in the stall cannot get out. If someone is in line waiting to use the restroom, no one can get out because the door is blocked. There is a lot of awkward squeezing that happens in that bathroom when more than one woman on the third floor has to go.

That is the end of the tragic tale of the pros and cons of the bathrooms of Bridgewater College.

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