My costume and my real feelings on Halloween

I went to a costume party last night. It was completely unrelated to Halloween. It was a birthday party.

I was considering going all whack-a-doodle and dressing up as Clark, the fan that I became friends with (and ultimately killed) when I lived with Esta, but I didn’t. I sort of ran out of time.

Most of my costumes are in Oregon but I do have one out here. It is a yellow high-necked dress that I got at Gift and Thrift for $3 last spring. So I wore that, but I wished so bad I could think of a way to add some umpf.

When did women wear outfits like this? Ah! during the women’s suffrage movement! In five minutes I whipped up this banner using a cut-up bed sheet and a washable marker.

Next time I go to a costume party I’m going to make a nice banner, find a big hat, and do my hair in a pompadour.

So while it is true that I went to a costume party on the eve of Halloween, it was not a Halloween party. I don’t celebrate Halloween.

The other day I was listening to the radio, where two guys were talking about Halloween. They talked about how we all have natural fears and questions about death and evil and the afterlife. Halloween helps people with these fears by making light of them and playing them as fun.

The radio guys seemed to think that was a good thing, but I decided that that is exactly what is wrong with Halloween. Death is a big issue. Demons are real, and evil. It’s not something to celebrate. It’s not something to make light of. It’s not something to have a holiday after.

2 responses to “My costume and my real feelings on Halloween

  1. amen!


  2. totally agree!


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