Amish Cinderella

You know I’m obsessed with dreams, right? Well the dream I had last night was just too great to keep from you all. The title of it was “Amish Cinderella.”

I wanted to make a movie, in my dream, and I decided that the easiest thing to do would be to re-tell the Cinderella story. But how could I make it original? Ah! I could make it about an Amish girl!

This is the plot I decided on:

So there was this Amish girl. She was kind of a unique and nonconformist Amish girl, and she was really bright and funny and nice. She followed all the rules and everything, but she wasn’t silly like her friends, even though she was fifteen. She was pretty much based on my cousin Lisa.

(Read an old post about Lisa here)

Well anyway, since our Amish Cinderella wanted more out of life, she spent her spare time volunteering at a nursing home. Here she made friends with two “English” girls, and became acquainted with an “English” boy. The boy was of really good stock, as evidenced by the fact that he volunteered at a nursing home. Our Amish Cinderella developed an enormous crush on him. But of course, since she was Amish, she knew he would never really have a crush on her.

Then Cinderella turned sixteen, and entered the rumspringa stage. She didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but her English girl friends were so excited. They said that there was a school dance, and that Cinderella should come along, dressed as a normal person, and see if handsome boy from the nursing home would recognize her.

Cinderella agreed. She did insist, however, that they didn’t ask her to wear anything inmodest.

So Cinderella was dolled up in a prom dress (modest, of course!) and fancy curled hair and even some makeup. She went to the dance and absolutely charmed the socks off of Mr. nursing home guy. He was a very popular guy at his school, but he preferred Cinderella to any of the other girls at the dance.

She didn’t tell him any personal information about herself, because she thought that if he knew she was Amish, he wouldn’t like her so much. But he was charmed.

And then, of course, she ran away at midnight.

She didn’t have a curfew or anything. Hello, she was on rumspringa! But she did not have a car, and she was getting a ride from one of her English friends who had a curfew of 12:30. At 12:00 she suddenly realized that she might miss her ride and rushed away.

The dream skipped over the next key points of the story; how the boy went about looking for her, and how he found out that she was the one he was looking for. However, when he did find out that the girl at the dance was, indeed, the Amish girl from the nursing home, an amazing look of relief crossed his face. “I was afraid that there was no chance it could be you!” He said. It turned out that he had admired her from a distance, but was always nervous about talking to her because she was so different.

And thus, the story of the Amish Cinderella ended on a happy note, as all Cinderella tales should.

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  1. That is so epic, Emily!


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