The Difference Between a Mom and a Dad

Today I got two emails, containing the same basic information. One came from  Dad, while the other came from Mom.

From Dad:


I was able to get you another phone for free.  It happens to be purple and I hope that you like it.  It should arrive either MOnday or Tuesday.  When it arrives, call me and I will tell you what to do to activate it.  I got one for your MOm that is just like it except hers is black and yours is purple.


From Mom:

You and I are getting new phones and they’re gonna MATCH except yours will be purple and mine will be black!!!!!!!!!

I just thought the contrast was somewhat humorous.

2 responses to “The Difference Between a Mom and a Dad

  1. That’s funny. And cute.

    By the way, I like reading your blog.


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