The problem with Sunday School and Educ 140

The  teacher pulls out her little Sunday school quarterly. “Today we will read John 3. Kristen, will you please read the passage?”

Kristen reads the passage.

“Now class,” says the teacher, “does anything stand out to you in this passage?”

Angela speaks up. “It says that God so loved the world. What does this really mean, anyway?”

“Yeah,” says Brittany. “I mean what does it really mean to love?”

The next fifteen minutes are spent discussing what it really means to love.

So I know that is a bit of an exaggerated example, but has that ever happened to you? You go into Sunday school, hungry to learn something you’ve never known before. Instead they pull out a concept you understand perfectly well, like love, and re-hash it inside and out in spiritual-sounding language.

Frankly, ever since I graduated from the intermediate class (which was full of surprisingly eye-opening  concepts and arguments) to the youth class, most of my Sunday School classes have been far too much like that.

Sometimes it’s easy to think that you already know so much about Scripture, there aren’t any new ideas. All you have at your disposal are old ideas to re-hash and try to give new light to.

If you think that, go to SMBI and you will realize how wrong you are.


This is not a Sunday school bashing post, because my Intro to Education class is the same way. Today we were supposed to get in groups and come up with a defination of a teacher.

Well duh. We all know what a teacher is.

I’m just saying.

On a completely unrelated note, Google should design spell check. I’m serious. Quite often I misspell a word and the spell checker doesn’t come up with the right one. But if I pop it into Google it will always, always, say, “Did you mean……..?” and give me the exact word, exact spelling, that I need.

Well well. No one has been commenting much lately. Perhaps I should change my title to something like “Elwood P. Dowd is so amazing. I’m so lucky to call him mine.”

(I wanted a random guys name, and Elwood P. Dowd popped into my head. Then I remembered who he actually was, and I laughed.)

Goodbye all

4 responses to “The problem with Sunday School and Educ 140

  1. Yeah I get that feeling a lot. Oh, and I googled Elwood P. Dowd… lol


  2. Dear Miss Smucker,

    Congratulations! You have just been selected by the Random Comment Generator as a worthy candidate for the “Interesting Comments On As Many Of Your Posts As Possible” award. We here at RCG realize that readers may not always post relevant comments, not due to lack of interest but perhaps a feeling that your blog already states everything so perfectly that whatever they say might only be redundant; while you, the blogger, may be disappointed when there are no comments. Therefore, our mission is to at least leave something interesting EVERY TIME you post (hoping to inspire you to write more, hint hint.)

    EXAMPLE: For this post we pretty much agree with everything you said here and don’t have much to add, except that Elwood P. Dowd made us think of a cat in corduroy pants. In order to make this an interesting comment we wish to leave you with a random fact that has recently come to our attention via an employee’s bookworm friend, which is as follows:
    Apparently, Alfred Hitchcock had no belly button.

    **disclaimer: if interested in legitimate comments only, please text the word STOP along with a funny joke to 503-913-8210, and the RCG company will consider your case.


  3. Excuse me, but that sounds like teachers who are either unprepared or really don’t have anything to teach…….. What a waste of time! Hope things improve quickly.


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