A few college type funny things

I was watching this youtube video the other day where these three girls were talking. I guess they were beauty experts or something. Anyway, the question came up of, “If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one makeup product, which would you choose?”

Sunscreen was declared to be the most important cosmetic in such a situation, yet not makeup of course, so it didn’t count. Two of the girl said that mascara was probably the most important.

And I was thinking, huh? Mascara?

I mean, I guess if I was to wear makeup my first choice would be something to make the dark circles under my eyes disappear. Second choice? Perhaps a bit of color for my cheeks. And I’ve always had a weird desire to wear bright red lipstick. But mascara? It wouldn’t have entered my head.

So I began looking closely at the eyelashes of girls around me. And weirdly enough, most college girls wear mascara. Enough that it’s noticeable. Seriously, find a girl with very blonde hair and very blonde eyebrows and I could almost guarantee that she will have very black eyelashes.

But during my study of eyelashes I realized something. Some people have seriously creepy eyelashes. They look like, for lack of a better word, spider legs.

I sat next to a girl in PDP who had spider leg eyelashes. Well, she was in the row next to me and one seat up, so I had a perfect spider-leg-eyelash view the entire class. Eww.

But the class was actually really good that day because…well we divided into three groups to discuss this little booklet called “Why do I have to take this course?” The booklet was about why we have to take college courses we don’t like in order to get our degree.

Group 1 was supposed to discuss chapter 1, group 2 discussed chapter 2, etc. And then one person from each group had to get up and summarize the chapter.

I represented my group. I didn’t really want to at first, but no one else wanted to either so I was like, “fine.” Plus, I want to be a public speaker, so why not?

I got up and spoke my little piece and everyone clapped and looked a little bit amazed. And the teacher turned to the class and said, “she’s a good writer too.”

(Mind you, the teacher doesn’t even know I wrote a book. All he knows about my writing is a two page assignment on how I came to be at Bridgewater College I scribbled down in fifteen minutes.)

I felt all happy and glowey after that. I still do. Because when he said that he wasn’t just saying I was a good writer, but he was also insinuating that I was a good public speaker.

Also, the teacher is actually and English teacher. He just teaches PDP on the side. So…

Wow. I feel so happy.

My friend Dyone (Not quite sure if that’s how you spell his name. It rhymes with neon.) told me this hilarious story. Apparently, last night around midnight, his roommate put some popcorn in the microwave and set it for two minutes and fifteen seconds.

Apparently that was too long, because it started smoking and the fire alarm went off and the whole entire building had to evacuate. This is at midnight, mind you. And some people were in towels.

I am sort of rambling but no matter. I love blogging. So much fun.

Oh hey, the commuters got free pizza today! Not sure why, but yay for pizza! (It was really nice because I came early to have a meeting with the campus doctor about my health limitations, and then I didn’t have time to go home and eat before class.)

2 responses to “A few college type funny things

  1. I can’t think of a better compliment from the teacher for you! I love reading what you write.


  2. I would agree, I think you are indeed a good public speaker and writer. 🙂



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