I smell french fries

Sometimes, when SO many things are happening, I don’t post because I’m not sure what I should post about first. Ah well. I promised Jenny and her friends that I would post about them and the wonderful party they threw for me, so I shall begin with that.

I was in my bedroom, listening to little girls rattling around in the kitchen downstairs. “Jenny said her surprise would be at 2:00,” I said, “and it’s now 2:30.  Maybe I should go check on her.”

“No,” said Amy. “Wait for her to come get you.”

Jenny came in the room with a smoothie in her hand. “Here Amy,” she said, “we have some leftover smoothie, if you want it.”

Amy took a drink and spit it back into the cup. “Nice, Jenny.”


“You mean you didn’t put salt in it on purpose?”

Jenny burst out laughing. Turns out one of her friends thought that the smoothie needed sugar, but accidentally dumped salt in instead.

I had to wait even longer for my surprise.

Finally they came, Jenny and her friends Hannah, Abigail, and Janane. We went down by the creek and had a picnic. They sang for me and gave me a present, a beautiful little glass cat figurine. And a good part of the time was spent trying to find Jenny’s cat, Cleopatra. She ran off. I am sorry to say that it was my idea to bring her. 😦

And now…

This is me, right now, at college. I had one class yesterday, one class this morning, three classes left to go today. YAY!!!

A girl borrowed my history book. Her name is Raven. I hope she returns it soon. Hmm.

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