The Last Monday is the Worst

“Emily,” said Jenny, “are you free on Tuesday afternoon?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

“Well, me and my friends are planning…something.”

“I can be free on Tuesday afternoon if you want me too.”

Jenny smiled and gave me a big hug. Three free days to go before I leave, and now one afternoon spoken for.

I woke up this morning and immediately began sorting my stuff. Sort and pack, sort and pack. Why did I not begin to do this earlier? What I really want to do is read my book and drink tea like I’ve been doing the entire summer.

So I do. A small break.

The phone rings. Aunt Rosie says, “I’ve wanted to have you over before you left. Can you come over tonight?”

“Sure. I would love too.”

I settle down with my book. I should pack. But I’ll just read a little more.

The phone rings. Stephy says, “We need to do something before you leave. Would Wednesday afternoon work?”

Yes, it will. Tonight is spoken for. So is tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday I am leaving. Why am I leaving so soon?

I went to Aunt Rosie’s house. There it was, in all it’s beauty. I had never seen the inside in their new house. I had never played with her children that much. We made beaded jewelry and had a tea party and I gave baby Kara a bath.

Why has it taken me so long to have an evening like this? Why don’t I know my little cousins as well as I should? But it is the last Monday. I can’t do this again for another year.

I drove down the freeway at night, sort of slow, with music I didn’t really like. Stars twinkled and there were little red taillights. A beautiful moment.

I stopped at the warehouse. I’ve always wanted to visit my brothers in the evening. Wouldn’t they be lonely there? And the warehouse at night is a beautiful place.

I put ink on bags. I lifted a sack of seed from the scales onto a pallet. I felt very strong. Steven laughed at me.

I went over to the pellet mill and talked to Justin for a while. It is the last Monday. Why have I not talked to him  more this summer?

Back to my car. Dad was there. He said, “Mom is worried. She is wondering where you are.”

Oh dear.

I walked in the door of my home. Amy and Jenny were excited. “She’s here! She’s here! What took you so long, Emily? We had a whole sister evening planned out!”

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. We had a sister evening, still. But it was a short one.

Why is this my last Monday?

I am excited about College. I am hungry for adventure. It is true. But adventures come and have their duration and then end. Home never ends. It is always there, yet I can never have it.

Sometimes I don’t let it hurt me, but on the last Monday, it is hard.

One response to “The Last Monday is the Worst

  1. So it’s Wednesday. What did Jenny have up her sleeve yesterday???


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