Snowflakes and bizarre things

“Look at this,” said Derek. He stuck his arm outside and then drew it back in, with snowflakes clinging to his navy blue jacket. “You can see the pattern in them. See? Look at that one.”

I looked. My jaw not-literally-but-basically dropped to the floor.

It looked like the above picture, only tiny, the size of a lentil perhaps. A teeny tiny snowflake.

Amazing. I couldn’t get over it. “A snowflake! It looks like the pictures of snowflakes you see everywhere!” I said. That’s when I realized that I’ve never actually seen a real snowflake that looked like a picture of a snowflake. They were all just wet blobs.

It was awesome.

Next subject: A bizarre phenomenon has started to occur in my life. Let me see if I can explain it properly.

It started one night when I was thinking about this girl, and what I thought of her, when all of the sudden I realized that I was thinking of two girls. A girl named Jo that I recently met here in Virginia, and Michal, the girl who played Grace in “Annie.” It was really bizarre, like for a while they were the exact same person in my mind.

And then I went to Backyard Bible Club and met this lady named Dawn. I knew exactly what her personality was like, and how I thought of her. But then I realized that I had just barely met her. So how could I know these things?

Then I realized that my mind thought she was Kay, a lady who worked backstage at Annie with me.

I blame it on meeting way too many people in such a small block of time.

3 responses to “Snowflakes and bizarre things

  1. Yeah, snowflakes can be pretty interesting. Been a while since I’ve seen an individual one up close, though!


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